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After you have chosen the time period of your vacation, it is necessary to determine the destination for sailing. However, the choice of destination largely depends on the type of vacation you want - whether you want to learn to sail or spend your vacation sailing with the help of a skipper. Sailing beginners who want to learn to sail should start their sailing journey in calmer seas with suitable winds. Preferably, somewhere where it is not heavy traffic. Favourable weather conditions are extremely important for learning to sail - and wind is the alpha and omega of sailing. There's no sailing without it, is there?  

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For sailing beginners, there are a variety of routes made by experienced sailors to make it easier for you to plan your vacation. You do not have to stick to these routes - you can change them according to your wishes and weather conditions. The only rule you should follow are your own preferences. You can always discuss the route with your skipper, if you hire one.  

If you still decide to arrange your sailing route by yourself, our route planner can make your job much easier. But keep in mind the duration of your yacht charter period and adjust your sailing activity accordingly. It is recommended to do three to six hours of sailing per day, which means 15 to 25 NM. Do keep in mind the fuel consumption which depends upon weather conditions and boat type and size. A sailboat consumes 5 to 12 litters of fuel, and a catamaran 7 to 12 litters per hour.  

After choosing your crew, time period and destination, it's time to get acquainted with charter possibilities. For those of you who want to develop sailing skills before chartering a sailing yacht, it is recommended to attend a sailing school. And for everyone else, according to your wishes, skills and experience, you can choose from bareboat, skippered, crewed, and cabin yacht charter.  

Bareboat yacht charter comes without a crew, and this is only possible if you or someone from your crew have a valid sailing license. If you do not have a valid license or just want to enjoy your vacation and relax, the best option is to hire a skipper in a skippered yacht charter.  

For all those who want to raise the level of relaxation and enjoyment to a higher level, there is a crewed charter - in it you get a crew that will operate the boat, navigate, prepare food and drinks for you and keep the boat clean and tidy. 

Sailing Yacht Relaxing
Sailboat with dinghy

If you are new to sailing, want to learn more about it or want to attend sailing school, your most likely choice will be sailboat. They are the most common type of boat chartered and are best known for their stability. Sailboats are quite appreciative because their sizes vary from those with one cabin for two people all the way to large spacious sailboats with as many as six cabins.

Catamaran Comfort Sailing

For those who want more space and comfort as sailing beginners, there are catamarans - a vessel with two hulls joined by a frame that is known for its great stability. Due to their shallow draft, catamarans can get much closer to the coast and shallow beaches which is quite important for people who want to experience the area in which they sail to the maximum. For sailing beginners, it is important to emphasize their greatest advantage - its double hull and great stability greatly reduce seasickness that can occur when you sail for the first time. 

Sailing beginners who want accommodation like that in a hotel should opt for gulets - large and spacious wooden sailing boats designed for larger groups of people. Interestingly, although they have two or three sails, their propulsion is mostly on a boat engine.  

Island hopping, shallow beaches, luxury and speed - all these are the characteristics that motor yachts have. Motor yachts are fast, which means that you can visit more places on your vacation and that you will reach them faster than you would on a sailing yacht, catamaran or a gulet.   

Do not let the price be the only parameter when choosing your yacht. There are numerous criteria which need to be taken into account. The built year will suggest the level of safety and the type of equipment. The younger the yacht is, the better shape it will be in.

Let's summarize with some more advice from sailing experts!

  1. Be informed and responsible - The most important thing and advice for a sailing beginner is to be well informed before reading, read articles, e-books and books on this topic, but also, if you decide to learn to sail, do it with an experienced sailing expert and practice sailing in ideal conditions of light winds and low traffic.  
  2.  Always monitor weather conditions and wind changes - Check the weather forecast daily, never set sail before checking the conditions that will prevail on the scheduled route for that day and check the potential places where you could anchor if there is a large and sudden change in the weather.  
  3. Safety must always come first - Whether you are a beginner sailor or an experienced sailor, safety when sailing must always come first. Keep in mind that children and pets should always be kept in mind. Do not rush or sail if there is a potential danger.  
  4. Learn basic sailing terms - Make your life easier and learn basic expressions so that everything is clear to you when sailing. If you want, you can tease yourself with pirate sailing terms used in the past.  
  5. Practice makes it perfect - If some of the things you learn while sailing don’t go right away, don’t give up. As with most things in life, the more you sail, the better sailor you will be. Sailing is not just a sport, a pleasure, sailing is in a way a lifestyle.  
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