7 Must Visit Restaurants on Croatian Islands

The criteria used while creating this list was that all restaurants found their home on Croatian islands and their owners/chefs emphasize respect for the tradition and their own originality. These restaurants are a great choice for sailors, experienced ones on their own yachts as well as the ones on charter yachts. There are a lot of great places to eat on the Croatian coast and here are the top seven

  1. Pojoda – undoubtedly the most famous restaurant on the island Vis. Situated in Kut, the SW quarter of Vis Port it is open throughout the whole year and serves probably the best seafood at all Adriatic. Their traditional and most popular menu is the starter consisting of several (up to eleven!) starters and grilled fish as the main course (if there is enough room left in your stomach).
  2. Pol Murvu – a humble family establishment situated in 300 years old building in Žena Glava, a small village in the middle of Vis island. The owners combine both fishermen and peasants culinary tradition offering old and almost forgotten seafood and meat dishes.
  3. Kod Marka – this restaurant is famous for its ‘measure for everything and everyone’. It means that every dish prepared by the chef has right measure of all ingredients and care as well as every guest has the equal amount of their attention. Despite all the praises this restaurant has gained, its owners did not change neither the size of the terrace nor the prices. Kod Marka is situated at Šipanska luka on the island Šipan.
  4. Jorja – probably the best brodetto at the Adriatic is served in Jorja bay on the island Šolta. Having a dinner at this place requires mandatory booking at Kike, the owner, because the access to his establishment is possible only by boat. Kike ensures the berth for his guests but the number of boats in Jorja cove is limited as well as the number of guests on his terrace.
  5. Tic-Tac – Centuries-old tradition of marinated fish is sublimated in the offer of this restaurant situated in the very center of Murter town on Murter island. In his search for new flavors, the founder of Tic-tac dared to combine traditional Dalmatian cuisine with Japanese sushi tradition and other ideas from his imagination.
  6. Palmira – the island Unije is a small island in North Adriatic, but the richness of flavors offered at Palmira’s is far from small. The family running this establishment combines seafood and meat dishes making this tiny island a must-visit gourmands’ spot.
  7. Bora BarRovenska bay, Mali Lošinj island. The design of the interior of Bora Bar goes well with its owner’s personality – unconventional. The interior is arranged by exquisite imagination of Mali Lošinj’s artist Nena Nosalj, while distinctive recipes are masterpieces authored by the owner and chef Marco Sasso. He combines North Adriatic both Italian and Croatian culinary traditions along with his imagination and his infallible culinary instinct.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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