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Janko is a professional skipper in love with writing. Our most prolific blogger, he has sailed the Adriatic from the north to the south. With an incredibly broad array of interests, Janko is an expert in a variety of topics, all of which he delivers to our readers in a clear, imaginative and often humorous manner.

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2 Responses

  1. Zoran Lustica says:

    Thank you Janko for your informative blog on charter contract. Yes I agree with your comments that you do need to read contract carefully and ask questions if unclear that way no misunderstanding and everybody OK. I am arriving in Zadar (from Australia) early July 2016 and have arranged charter of a Bavaria 44. There will be 8 of us on boat for 1 week leaving Zadar and sailing around local islands and villages = Poljana (my village of birth on Otok Ugljan) around Kornati islands to Murter (brother in law village) then back to Zadar.

    Do you have any particular suggestions of islands/beaches/restaurants/marinas we should consider. Don’t have a lot of sailing experience but mainly power boat experience and hence probably use motor most of time plus I think winds are very calm mid July. It has been 20 years since I visit Croatia and remember on a fishing trip visiting Kornati and having wonderful meal at Sporka Mare on Katina island etc. Regards for now

    • SailingEurope SailingEurope says:

      Dear Zoran, here’s Janko’s reply. 🙂

      Dear Zoran,
      I agree that it is quite special feeling visiting places where your ancestors come from. Ugljan and Murter are beautiful places in your sailing range from Zadar. I am not telling you anything about Ugljan because you will get more fun by exploring it on your own. Feel free to report what you have found and where you had most fun. Only one hint – there are buoys on the NW side of the island which are pretty useful for a swim break or overnight stay. If you have already been to Murter than I would suggest you to visit Jezera (on the same island) this time. The marina is well protected from all winds while the approaching area abounds with nice anchoring opportunities. Don’t miss “Modro oko” restaurant at the marina in Jezera…
      Regarding other places in the range, Veli Iž and Rava could make a perfect match with Kornati and above mentioned Ugljan and Murter. I wish you a pleasant stay in Dalmatia.


      Early July is a nice time for sailing. The atmosphere is expected to be stabilized so one can expect daily breeze called the Maestral (WNW). Šporka Mare at Katina is still a good address as well as the konoba Robinzon at Vrulje, island Kornat.

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