Best Sailing Shoes Reviewed in 2020

Nautical fashion is one of the most interesting parts when it comes to sailing. Figuring out what to wear during your sailing vacation isn't always the easiest decision in the world, so you have to be prepared with your sailing clothes and sailing shoes for all weather conditions.

What Sailing Clothes to Wear While Sailing?

Your trip planning activities will largly depend on your sailing location and time of the year. Our suggestions we'll be practical. First of all, when packing, try to pack items that are versatile and light. It is recommended to bring the sailing clothes and items that can be used multiple times in different occasions. During the summer, you'll spent most of your sailing time in your swimsuit, so you don't have to change multiple times a day.

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It is very important not to forget to bring hat with you. Sailing is specific type of vacation, the sun is high and the rays can be very harmful. Most of the people sail during the summer, so they often forget to bring warm clothes. However, they forget that moisture on the open sea is very large and that summer nights temperatures at the sea can be quite less than at the land. So, bring the light sweather with you – you'll stay warm and it looks pretty „sailish“.

The Importance of Good Clothing

If the temperatures are high, use sun shirts to keep you cool so the sun doesn’t heat up your skin. Getting tan during one or two week period is normal, but if you want to catch the color in just few days by exposing to the sun, your skin will be burnt which is really bad, so you have to try to avoid it at all costs.

Although sailing clothing is very important, sailing shoes may perhaps take the first place to importance. Street shoes and high heels are forbidden on sailboats and yachts. Most of the people prefer to stay barefoot on boats, but if you prefer to keep shoes on during the day, then buy a pair of new white soled shoes that you can just wear on the boat.

Sailing Gear, Shoes and Equipment

There are a lot of companies that specialize in sailing gear and equipment. There are clothes, watches, glasses and, of course, specialized shoes for sailing. When looking for the best sailing shoes there are a few key points you need to look out for. The sailing shoes must be durable so it would stand all that moving while on board. The sailing shoe must be water resistant because of, well, obvious reasons.

Another important factor is that the sailing shoes doesn’t slip. It is because a sailor needs a lot of traction while on board. Also, this helps preventing a lot of injuries. A lot of water gets in the boat while sailing and a lot of surfaces get wet really quickly. For that reason, good sailing shoes are a must while sailing!

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What are the Best Sailing Shoes?

Sperry Top-Spider Men’s ASV Shock Light Bungee Boat Shoe

This boat shoe has one of the highest reviews of all sailing shoes. And active sailors can really confirm it’s one of the best out there. Mainly because it is extremely grippy on wet decks and are super light. They also provide good comfort and support. However, these shoes cannot be used anywhere else but on the boat. It is because the concrete would ruin the shoes and the grip would be lost.

Source: Sailing Shoes Sperry

Sperry Sea Kite Sport Boat Shoe

This one more traditional boating shoe. And on a first glance it looks like that, but it comes with a twist. It is super grippy and it dries fast when wet. It’s also good to know that it provides a lot of traction on fiberglass decks. The bonus is you can wear them not just on the boat. A lot of sailors say they really can’t find a bigger problem with it. Sailing shoes Sperry Sea Kite Sport are excellent choice in our opinion.

Source: Sailing Shoes Sperry

Columbia Powerdrain II Water Shoe

This shoe is not only for sailors because hikers and bikers love it too. Traction under wet conditions is excellent. It provides good support, dries fast and it’s light. However, it stretches a bit over time and can get quite smelly after good day’s wear. But it is easily washable.

Source: Columbia

Irish Setter Lakeside

This shoe doesn’t look like a typically boating shoe. And it is because it is both, for sailing and for the streets. Even though it looks kinda clumpy, it dries really fast. The traction is also incredible. But, in the end, it misses that kind of comfort, stretchiness and lightness the other sailing shoes have. Maybe because it was made for boating and every day.

Rugged Shark Bill Dance

The design with this boat shoes is definitely a plus. It looks modern and different. Walking in these shoes is very comfortable. Even though it has it plus sides, this shoe isn’t made for boating. It holds in a lot of water and because of that it dries really slowly. However, it provides good traction.

Sailing shoes

Source: Rugged Shark

Adidas Outdoor Climacool Boat Lace Water Shoe

Younger sailors will definitely love this shoe. Sailing shoes Adidas has made are modern, not typical looking and it comes in different colours. Some other good things sailing shoes Adidas Outdoor Climacool is that it keeps your foot cool even in hot and humid environment. The soles of this sailing shoe are removable and washable. The shoes is light, dries really quickly and provides fair traction. Sailing shoes Adidas Outdoor Climacool is a great choice.

Sailing shoes
Source: Adidas

Musto GP Classic Deck Shoe

This shoe is, as the name suggests, classic sailing shoe. The sailing shoe is made with premium salt, stain and water-resistant leather. It has a great grip and provides good comfort. They maybe are a bit pricy but for that price you get ultimate sailing shoe.

Sailing shoes
Source: Musto

Sebago Triton Three Eye Deck Shoe

Sebago is known for it’s sailing shoes and this shoe is one of their classics. It is a beautiful shoe that is durable and looks nice at the same time. Sebigo is not preferred boating shoe but rather a shoe that is worn on the streets. It has a great grip but if you’re going sailing for a long time a different lighter shoes would be recommended.

Sailing shoes
Source: Sebago Triton

Dubarry Regatta Extra Fit

The perfect offshore and onshore sailing shoe. It is made with Dryfast - Drysoft tehnology that provides great leather and fabric. This boat shoe provide great traction and it is a guaranteed showstopper.

Sailing shoes
Source: Dubarry

Helly Hansen Ahiga V3Deck Trainer

These breathable and light-weight sneakers will provide you with all the key sailing features; comfortable and stable EVA midsole, siped HellyGrip rubber outsole, and quick-drying mesh upper. These good looking sailing shoes are your ultimate partner during long sessions on deck, or for a weekend on the coast.

And for the end of this article we want you to relax with two songs that go perfectly with this topic. Sailing Shoes by Robert Palmer and Little Feat Sailin Shoes. Little Feat Sailin Shoes and Sailing Shoes by Robert Palmer are classics among sailing songs. This song will hopefully make your decision easier. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your new sailing shoes and enjoy Sailing Shoes and Robert Palmer ot Little Feat Sailin Shoes. Preferably both. See you at the sea!

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