Bokeria – A Touch of Barcelona in Split

The name of this interesting gourmands’ destination reminds of famous Barcelona’s market, but it is something else. It is a brand new combination of a bar, tavern and restaurant. The closest definition of Bokeria would be tapas-bar but in Dalmatian way instead of Catalan or Spanish.

This establishment is located in the very center of Split town, at the address Domaldova 8, in the space well known among old Split residences as the “Mikačić’s store”. That was the name of the merchant who held in his ironware store literally everything but the kitchen sink…

So, once you have found Bokeria you would find yourself at the place where highly appreciated and rewarded Croatian masterchef Dino Galvagno decided to offer a range of small snacks based on Croatian/Dalmatian tradition and a touch of Mediterranean trends.

The reminder of good old days when mr. Mikačić was doing business is held through the old hardware furniture and decorative chains which give special atmosphere to this place. What you could find on your plate would be described as tasting or sampling plates. Meat version of this cold starter (or a snack) would consist of homemade Dalmatian ham pršut and a selection of cheeses, all made in highlands of Split backgrounds.

Seafood version consists of smoked tuna fillets and salted and marinated anchovies and sardines. The choice of salads ranges from seasonal vegetables and octopuses to those prepared with organic turkey and beef. First courses abound with combinations between fresh Dalmatian vegetables such as eggplant and capsicum which are usually stuffed or grilled, combined with local goat and sheep cheese. The choice would not be complete without interesting pastas which origin is more likely to be from the north Adriatic, since the masterchef and the founder of Bokeria is originally from Istria.

The menu of main courses does not include too much dishes, but those who are offered are ultimately delicious. Unfortunately you can’t have them all at the same time.

Highlights would be beefsteak prepared in a dip of Mediterranean aromatic herbs and tuna/shark chops on a spit garnished with green beans and bacon. Do not hesitate to order more than one course because this tavern is in the middle category according to the prices while its quality definitely is ranked superb.

I always considered Split as a destination to charter a yacht and eat well, mostly because my grandma’s cuisine was unbeatable; but Bokeria makes this town a gourmands’ destination for the rest of you who haven’t had the opportunity to taste my granny’s treats. Masterchef Dino announced another project in Split so ‘stay tuned’ and wait for the next review!

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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