What a Glorious Feeling – Bavaria 50 Cruiser

Although this sailing yacht model was released earlier, this year was a season of full recognition of her performances.

Traditionally, Bavaria yachts are well known for their comfort, so it is the case with this model. Despite its performance hull Bavaria 50 Cruiser is designed to fit both racers and cruisers. Thanks to such design charter companies can offer this baby for a wide circle of customers.

She became famous for her clean deck layout and spacious cockpit along with the incredibly spacious interior. Before you sail out you would be surprised how easily she goes between the piers thanks to her 75-horse power Volvo engine. Some could say that it could be redundant for a sailing yacht but keep in mind that it is a 50-footer carrying at least 10 people with their luggage and equipment.

Bavaria 50 Cruiser catches the average speed of 8.5 knots motoring on 2.200 RPM. This is powerful enough to allow you escape from rough sea to the nearest calm bay with no fear of staying too long on top of rocking waves.


Let’s go back to sailing gear and performances. Since this model was designed by well-known sailing boats design studio Farr, you should not be surprised with well-thought-out deck layout. The yacht is equipped with a solid electric-powered fold down transom and swim platform. All doubts about electric engines which take care of the position of the platform will vanish as soon as you hear that there are two independent electric motors to do that job.

All winches are set on ergonomic position leaving enough space in a cockpit for your passengers and their comfort, while their size is very well fitted to the type and structure of lines and sheets you will be handling during your sailing week(s).

After setting the sails you will experience an unexpected ease of sailing which wasn’t one of best characteristics of Bavaria Yachts so far. Despite her size and weight sailing, Bavaria 50 Cruiser could be compared to dancing with a ballerina.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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