Children on a Sailing Yacht – Tips and Tricks

Many people have cancelled or postponed their sailing holidays because “their kids were too small” for it, or a sailing trip would be “too exhausting and demanding” for small children.

Since there are no regulations on the age of passengers on a sailing yacht, taking children on board is definitely up to their parents’ decision and responsibility. Still, there are some tricks and tips which would make sailing more relaxed and easier for both kids and their parents.

First of all, safety on board is the most important for all passengers, including children. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask your charter agency to provide small life vests suitable for children – their age, size and weight.

Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to set the safety net along the sides of a sailing yacht, to prevent falling off the deck.

Since little kids’ attention does not last very long, try to keep them interested in what’s happening around them. Explain to them about the equipment on the deck, speak with them as you sail, comment other boats and the scenery around you and try to make the sailing trip as interesting to them as possible.

Furthermore, you should provide them enough space for play. That is not very easy on the yacht, but still, it isn’t impossible. Try to bring toys which do not take up much space to play with. Sketchbooks and picture books are ideal for sailing. You should also do the route planning with shorter legs or make many breaks, so kids can swim in new areas and explore ‘new worlds’ during the day.

Since kids are more sensitive to the change of environment than adults, make sure that you bring along enough medicines for seasickness, flu, stomach aches, while the sunscreen with high SPF is a must. Those who bring babies on board should bear in mind that baby food is not available in every grocery store you sail to.

To summarize, children would enjoy their stay on the yacht as long as they find it funny, interesting and exciting. I’m sure that their parents would enjoy their sailing trip as well! If you are looking for more advice on chartering a sailing yacht and sailing safety, you can find it on our specialized site Sailboat Charter Deals.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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