EmergenSea – Safe Sailing in the Croatian Adriatic

The range of marine help services at Croatian Adriatic are gathered under the trademark EmergenSea. It is a partnership network of yacht charter fleets, private boaters and yacht owners, diving centers, fishermen associations and other entities oriented to the sea. Their mutual goal is to solve different problems regarding interventions and help at sea.

EmergenSea is organized as a network of 13 interventional bases, located mainly on Croatian islands, with headquarter in Sukošan, covering Croatian territorial waters. Services provided by EmergenSea cover transport and delivery of spare parts, fuel and crew; jumpstart assistance, towing to the nearest port, free towing in cases of slight grounding, disengaging of lines from the propeller, consultancy on nautical regulations at the Adriatic, weather forecasts and warning as well as professional escorts of sporting or other events at sea.


EmergenSea services are provided throughout annual or seasonal membership while additional services such as skipper hire or trailer services are charged in line with the size of the boat and/or period of service. The latest news for yacht owners whose vessels are annually moored at marina D-Marin Dalmacija, Sukošan is that EmergenSea services will be for free since May 1st 2014. Emergensea found their partners throughout cooperation with HAK, Croatian Roadside Assistance Association; SailingEuropeCharter company and especially Sea Tow Europe network of marine help professionals.


The fleet of EmergenSea interventional vessels mostly consists of rubber dinghies equipped with powerful engines and designed in line with experienced SAR (search and rescue) professionals and captains, capable to locate and provide help at any point of Adriatic within not more than one hour from the moment of contact.

EmergenSea can be contacted by mobile telephone, through regular emergency radio channels (16, 17) by triple repeat of the word “EmergenSea” or throughout national SAR services.

Reliability and professionalism provided by EmergenSea and their partners are really impressive but I’m sure that we all hope we never have to call them.

For more information and sailing advice about chartering a yacht and sailing in the Adriatic visit Sailing Croatia Boats.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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