Enjoy a Traditional Turkish Meal on the Terrace of the Lovely Deniz Kizi in Marmaris, Turkey

We have already written posts on the amazing experience of sailing in Turkey. The country is a Mediterranean jewel with much to see and do, surrounded by the most beautiful pristine waters. If you happen to find yourself on a sailing vacation in this exquisite country, you will probably want to find a nice restaurant where you can try the famous Turkish cuisine. Among other things, of course.

Our recommendation is the Deniz Kizi Restaurant in the small village of Sögüt in the Marmaris province. Marmaris is one of the top sailing spots in Turkey and its surroundings are definitely worth a visit when you are sailing on your charter yacht. If you want to find out more about sailing in the Marmaris area, check out our specialized page A Yacht Charter Marmaris.

The lovely seaside restaurant of Deniz Kizi has a large terrace and an unforgettable view of the Mediterranean. It is located directly on the waterfront and provides a pleasant setting both during the day and at night, when the lights on the terrace create a romantic atmosphere. The location also includes a small family-run hotel.

The menu of Deniz Kizi includes daily fresh fish and seafood, as well traditional dishes from Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines, with emphasis on meze, small bites of food. The restaurant also has a garden where fresh vegetables and spices are picked and served daily. One of the most famous specialties of the restaurant is the grilled octopus. The whole restaurant is quite simple, which adds to its charm and makes it a popular stop for yacht charterers, as well as other guests.

Set sail for one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the world and enjoy every second of it! Have an amazing sailing journey in Turkey!

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