A Firefighting Aircraft Accident?

Inspired by a post on social media group on sailing and nautical subjects, I just wanted to share with you some of my thoughts and probably try and get some feedback from you.

We came across a LinkedIn video clip broadcasted at YouTube and a question to the group members on their opinion about the filmed event. A member of this group states that his video was filmed during his sailing trip within Kornati national park in Croatian Adriatic. While he was sailing with his crew among the islands he suddenly noticed a firefighting aircraft which descended to the sea-surface in order to load water tanks and fly again. The video does not show exactly what happened but there were some sailing yacht in the area and the aircraft allegedly hit one of them.

The author of the video used words such as stupidity, asking group members whether the behavior of the pilot was normal and what the skipper of the allegedly hit yacht could do in order to either avoid or report the accident. I was asked to refer to this post and give my opinion on the event.

First of all, the video did not exactly show what really happened because the shot was blurred due to the excitement of the cameraman. Secondly, such clip advertises Croatia as uncertain place to sail, which is not correct, by the way. Finally, some lack of essential seafarers’ knowledge and ignorance was advertised as well. One of the crucial and most important lessons on maritime safety and communication obliges every seafarer to use radio communication for distress, urgency and safety situations.

If this person was familiar with some essential seafarer’s behavior and rules he would know that there is a detailed procedure to report maritime accident. Furthermore, he would be aware that he is also obliged to be involved in the communication if he witnessed the accident, report his position and status and wait for the instructions given by the commanding officer of search and rescue action.

My point of sharing this with you is to remind you that safety is first when it comes to sailing and that protection of human life and health is why almost all regulations and rules have been made throughout the history of navigation. Some lives could be saved instead of false advertising of sailing destination or real advertising of someone’s ignorance.

I look forward to your comments if I’m too strict or if I take sailing too seriously.
Thank you in advance!

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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