Galatea – A Maritime Problem-Solving Center

Modern yachts are being equipped with more and more sophisticated instruments, using modern technology. Although the use of the instruments made navigation a lot easier, additional problems appear when there is a malfunction of these instruments. Mending technical errors or fixing machines and instruments requires additional skills and knowledge of the skipper.

In order to solve technical problems and provide help to skippers in such situations, an international team of experts is gathered in the professional help and assistance network called the Galatea Team. All you have to do is to call the Galatea call center and you will be provided with professional technical support. The system functions as a membership subscription within which all members are provided by a free hot-line through which all needed support is provided.

The heart of the Galatea system is a massive data base of technical specifications and user manuals of equipment and instruments installed on members’ vessels; gathered by engineers and technicians from all over the world. After establishing a phone-call through the hot-line, the operators who speak foreign languages browse the databases and provide the support in the shortest time possible, leading the caller through every stage of the problem solving process.

Following the development of interactive applications for smartphones and tablet computers, Galatea Team developed a platform called MyBoats. This platform allows user to find the solution for their problem through digital technology. In case that the problem is not solved, Galatea Team will search and contact local experts. This way the solution of the problems becomes much quicker and cheaper because the servicemen are instructed about the problem and its solution prior to coming on the vessel.

Furthermore, the yacht owners can use the MyBoats system for maintenance purposes. Through the subscription option one can make entire maintenance schedule entering the specifications of the equipment along with expiring dates of guarantees and service periods for their equipment. This way more efficient cost control is also possible, helping you plan your expenses early enough.

By using Galatea global system many unpleasant situations are avoided – from problem detection to search for local help, often complicated due to language boundaries. The final benefit from being a Galatea member is quality and stressless time spent on your vacations aboard your floating home.

Since time, especially leisure time, became extremely precious these days the use of Galatea would for sure help you use your leisure time efficiently. If you like the idea please visit and find out more.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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