How To Make A Paper Boat

We get a lot of questions about how to make a paper boat. So this blog post is dedicated to teach you how to make a boat out of paper. Just follow our step by step guide and in a flash you will have a paper boat that floats.


In folding a paper boat you will make a step in Origami technique; creative and innovative world of paper formatting. Origami is the Japanese name for the art of paper folding, and it has now become a beloved art form for people around the world. Origami has a history; first use of the word "Origami" in Japan was not for our familiar recreational paper folding, but for certificates. In Japan there is an expression, Origami Tsuki, meaning "certified" or "guaranteed".

The phrase stems from an ancient custom of folding certain special documents - such as diplomas for Tea Ceremony masters, or masters of swordsmanship - in such a way as to prevent unauthorized copies from being made. However, nowadays origami represents a creative way of spending time and a hobby for both adults and children.

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How To Make A Paper Boat Step By Step

  • Start from a rectangle. Fold in half.
Paperboat instructions
Step 1
  • Fold in half again and unfold.
Paperboat instructions
Step 2
  • Fold to the center.
Paperboat instructions
Step 3
  • Fold the overlapping strip upwards.
Paperboat instructions
Step 4
  • Fold corners backwards. Turn over.
Step 5
  • Fold strip upwards.
Step 6
  • Open.
Step 7
  • Fold triangle upwards. Repeat behind.
Paper boat instructions
Step 8
  • Open (like in the steps 7 and 8).
Paper boat instructions
Step 9
  • Take upper corners and stretch out.
Paper boat instructions
Step 10
  • Your boat is finished.
Finished paper boat
Step 11

Now that you've learnt how to make a paperboat you're ready to charter a yacht and enjoy some reals sailing on a real boat. We hope that you found this instructions useful. Show us your paperboat in the comments.

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