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Navigare Necesse Est

This ancient Roman proverb which says that it is not necessary to live but it is necessary to sail has got a totally new context when it comes to NAS Sailing Center. It is an organization located in Punat on Krk island in the north of Croatian Adriatic. A group of enthusiasts decided to give the Roman proverb a new meaning respecting a boat, a sail and a paddle as our Mediterranean heritage, culture and, at the end of the day, necessity.

Additionally, throughout their work as professional and hobby sailors, they noticed that sailing as a leisure or sport has a certain amount of elitism, while sailing courses offered around the Adriatic are sometimes disappointing. Having in mind how difficult it is to gather a crew, finance and undertake a sailing trip, our friends from NAS Sailing Center decided to offer something completely different from standard yacht charter and sailing schools.


First of all, they offer day sailing with a skipper, day sailing charter and a sailing school. Day sailing includes activities such as hoisting the sails, heading downwind, discovering hidden coves and swimming in crystal clear waters. A refreshing drink is included while all you have to take is a sunscreen, hat, towel and swimsuit.

Day sailing charter is organized as a two-hourhalf-day or the entire day sailing on small sportive Elan 19 or 21 monohulls or the trimarans Magnum 21. The sailing school is organized as sailing with an instructor in groups with not more than 4 people. If you intend to charter a sailing yacht and undertake sailing vacations on your own, then you might apply for a skipper training. On the other hand, basic and advanced courses are theoretical and practical courses that take place during one week or a few weekends. NAS Sailing Center could also prepare you for the skipper’s license exam.


The special part of their offer is the traditional sailing school which includes taking off with historic pasara from Krk, using both paddles and traditional rigging. Just the way that was sailed in the Adriatic generations ago. This trip includes tasting traditional treats to honor the almost forgotten bond that our elders had with the nature and the sea.

The dedication of NAS Sailing Center to the coexistence with the sea, as well as their commitment to keeping alive historic vessels driven with paddles and traditional rigging, as well as honoring the lifestyle of our grandparents comes alive through all programs of this cheerful bunch of enthusiasts. Sailing is not all they do. They are very active in all sorts of projects oriented to coexistence with the sea, nature protection, ecological sustainability and much more. If you like what you just read, you can become a member of this group by signing in on their web page and joining fellow enthusiasts from seven different countries (so far).

I wish you a calm sea, a fair wind and a strong mast!

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