Stay Afloat

Stay Afloat

Superstitious or not I am always careful when discussing maritime accidents. Grounding, capsizing, hitting floating objects or similar distress situations. To stay afloat always seems like the top priority. Since the old proverb says it is always better to be safe than sorry, I enjoy listening and discussing maritime safety with the more experienced.

One of the potential dangers when sailing could be water penetration or flooding. No matter what the cause of the leak is, the water should be stopped as soon as possible. And we should be prepared to act instantly. In case of hull damage the best way to stop the water penetration is to stick some object into the crack and fill the gaps around it. Some yachts have different types of cones made in different sizes and of different materials. They are usually wooden, cork, rubber or some plastic. If it’s impossible to fit the cone into the crack, we have to improvise very quickly.

Stay Afloat

However, there is still some gap because it is not easy to make a stopple that perfectly fits the crack. Robship, a Swedish manufacturer of helpful gear offers a must-have product for such situations. It is the Stay Afloat component that permanently stops water penetration. And is suitable for use with plastic, wood and/or metal materials. It does not require any kind of processing or preparation prior the use. It’s simple to use inside or outside the crack and has enough viscosity to be applied over the water flow. Furthermore, it could hold the pressure over 1.5 bars while it is completely nature friendly product.

I actually could not believe that Stay Afloat is as good as I have been told until I read several reviews and testimonials written by case-hardened respectful seafarers. Many of them recommended Stay Afloat as mandatory component of emergency gear aboard any vessel. Even while sailing a chartered yacht a small package of Stay Afloat would do no harm if taken along with other ‘fun and leisure’ gear…

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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