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How to Get Most from Sailing in Croatia (Part 1)

Like it is the case with every destination, there are two opinions about sailing in Croatia. One group loves the place and wants to come again, while the other does never want to return again. To avoid becoming a part of the second group, read the first in the series of two posts.

Check-In Process

I would recommend that only skipper is on board when doing check-in with a mariner. They have to move up and down the deck and check all systems inside the boat which is much easier when there are no luggage, impatient family members, kids, pets and packages of food and drinks on their way.

How Much Does It Cost to Spend One Week Under Sails?

One of the most frequent and most rarely answered questions about sailing is: “How much does it cost?” The reason why it is impossible to give a simple answer is the fact that there are numerous factors that should be taken into consideration. They include location, time of the year, the number of persons aboard and the type of the yacht. Likewise, there are additional cost that should be considered. This interesting post will give you a thorough insight into the costs of sailing.

Throwing Stuff Overboard – Sea Pollution

Sea pollution is an increasing issue worldwide. We have entire islands of garbage floating in the oceans. This issue is very harmful for the entire marine ecosystem, with many types of animals dying from plastic objects in the sea. Garbage is also bad for tourism, because nobody wants to swim or sail in polluted waters. That is why you should not throw garbage overboard.

Gods of Sailing Work in Mysterious Ways

A skippers story about a “difficult” group on a charter catamaran in Croatia that turned out to be not so difficult but rather easy going. They ended up eating the best pork roast of their life on the safest Croatian island.

How to Organize a Sailing Trip and Charter a Boat

Things to think about when planning a sailing trip on a charter yacht: budget, type of boat, destination, crew and who is in charge on the boat. One tip: avoiding the high season does not only mean avoiding high prices of charter, but could also provide lower prices of other aspects of sailing holidays, such as berth fees, restaurant prices, fish and food prices at the markets, etc.

Photography and Sailing

Sailing and photography are two hobbies (or ways of life, for some) that make an excellent combination. Some people have a wonderful opportunity to earn for a living by photographing sailing events and destinations, but most sailing photographers are amateurs. Daniel Gohstand of ImageSails has created an original business of putting photos onto sails. Read more!

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