sailing yacht review

Sirius 40 DS

Sirius 40 DS – An Interesting Yacht from Germany

The German shipyard Sirius–Werft Plön is a prominent deck saloon yacht manufacturer. This year, they have presented their largest deck saloon model, the Sirius 40 DS. This yacht provides excellent sailing performances, especially during long cruises. What is specific for this yacht is that its interior can be designed in line with a customer’s needs.

XC 35

Hot News from X Yachts on Boot 2014 – XC 35

X Yachts presented a new yacht, XC 35, from the Xcruising edition on this year’s edition of Boot Düsseldorf. XC yachts already won the European yacht of the year competition in 2009 and 2011 so we have no doubt that the XC 35 will find its fans. This yacht was made to provide an excellent sailing performance and easy handling.

Vismara Marine at 2015 Cannes Yachting Festival

At this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival, the Italian yacht manufacturer Vismara Marine has presented their newest yacht offer. The real surprise that this company offered was a special preview of the new Vismara V50 Prêt-à-porter. This is the first boat that comes from their new ready-to-wear concept: engineered platforms, an international team, proven solutions, Vismara design and various aspects of customization.

Elegance and Performance in Small Package – Grand Soleil 39

After a few years of ups and downs, Grand Soleil is back with Grand Soleil 39. This sailing yacht is the smallest in its range, but provides a great deal of pleasure. It combines clean and imposing lines inherited from the early models with a dynamic style typical of contemporary trends. It comes with two or three cabins, which makes her appropriate for both private use and charter.

Hanse 315

The Sexy New Hanse 315

The Hanse 315 is the newest yacht from the German boat manufacturer Hanse. This small sailing yacht can boast with a lot of style and elegance. Its appeal does not lie only in its beauty, but also in its practical deck and cozy exterior, which is full of light and fresh air. The yacht’s sporty performance is excellent for both performance sailing and a relaxed family cruise.

Bavaria 33 Cruiser

Bavaria 33 – Small and Very Elegant

The new Bavaria 33 Cruiser has a more elegant deck surface with a longer superstructure and larger windows than the previous version. The deck is equipped with artificial teak called Durateck, which completes a positive image of the new model designed by Design Unlimited studio.