sailing yacht review

Salona 60

Salona 60 – The Long Wait Was Worth It

AD Boats, a Croatian shipyard, built the long-awaited Salona 60. It is a sailing yacht that combines high performance and the joy of sailing. Salona 60 was designed by Jason Ker. A spacious cockpit and the elegant lines of the deck guarantee a pleasant stay. The mighty lines of the hull provide respectable performances. The prices of Salona 60 are announced as surprisingly favorable.

Hanse 345

Hanse 345 Review

The Hanse 345 is the downsized model of the very successful and popular Hanse 355. But nothing is lost: the classical features by Hanse are improved, wich means that the balance and the sailing performance are better. This yacht is perfect for families with small children and for sailing with a hired skipper on a charter yacht.

More 33

You Get a Little More with More 55

Croatia is not yet established on the sailing yachts market, but each yacht that comes from this country leaves a mark in the sailing world. One of those yachts will definitely be More 55. It is a performance cruiser built to satisfy all those who expect high speeds and racing, as well as those who prefer easy handling and leisure family  sailing. This concept is the latest trend in the industry. Learn more about the yacht!