Gennaker – Two Sails in One or What?

The gennaker is a type of sail that is less know about, as opposed to other types, such as the jib, the genoa and the spinnaker. Today’s post describes the characteristics of the gennaker and how it differs from other types of sails, particularly the spinnaker, from which it evolved when sailors realized it is much simpler to handle.


How Many Types of Mainsail Are There?

Charter companies differentiate between two types of the mainsail: the full-batten mainsail and the roll mainsail. The difference between them lies in the systems that set and fold the mainsail, but also in the shape. There are also some sub-types of these two mainsails, such as fully-battened, semi-battened and semi-full-battened., sails


Was the Genoa Sail Invented in Genova?

A question arises whether it is correct to use both the words “genoa” and “genova” when talking about a particular type of sail. The answer is – it is, the two terms are used interchangeably. Whether this term comes from the name of the city in Italy remains a mystery. Read today’s post and learn the difference between the genoa and the jib.