The First in the New Year

The beginning of the new year is always exciting in all aspects of life. We all became aware that we grew older for one year, new section of business life becomes actual, we face the decisions we made at 31st of December last year, we have to get used to new digits when stating the date etc.

Regardless whether they belong to a group of hobbyists, professionals, sportsmen or businessmen in sailing world the beginning of the new year means serious planning of visiting Düsseldorf, the city on the banks of river Rhine, Germany. It is the biggest boat show in the world held on land.

Düsseldorf Boat Show, also known as the Boot is going to take place from 17th – 25th January 2015 where some 1650 exhibitors from 50 countries are going to display their novelties in 17 halls. The total display area is estimated to some 220,000 m² where some 250,000 visitors would be given the chance to find something for themselves. The core of the show would be, as always, the boats – there are some 1600 of them announced so far.

Along with them, all sorts of additional equipment for all activities related to sea and water would be displayed at this must visit show. Ten most expensive yachts at the Boot will be displayed in hall number 6 while vessels with sails are going to be displayed in halls number 15 and 16. Hall number 17, traditionally reserved for sailing yachts is this year the home for Dutch specifics – steel-hulled motor yachts.

German global tourist agency TUI presents outstanding cruisers and cruising routes in hall number 14. This is a splendid opportunity to get an idea what cruising is and which type of sailing holidays you are made for. I do not have to mention that some of the world’s leading shipbuilding companies reserve the Boot to launch their latest models.

At the end of the day, if everything mentioned isn’t enough to encourage you to book your ticket, some 8000 hostesses are announced to present the exhibits and make this ‘floating circus ashore’ more beautiful.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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