Wine Clubbing in Hvar – Red Red Wine

No, my intention is not to remind you on one of the most popular reggae songs ever, my intention is to attract your attention to the new fashion in Hvar this summer. It is about wine bars which number has exceeded the number of night clubs in this Croatian Adriatic’s party destination.

Hvar at night

Among several wine bars that I visited this summer in Hvar I decided to share my experience with you from recently launched Red Red Wine Bar located in the intimacy of Kroz Burak Street in the very core of Hvar city. This bar is meant to walk you through Hvar wine story and tell you a little bit more. Romantic interior with low lights and a lot of interesting details, comfortable and unique seating in the street along with easy listening by local young guitar artists are there to complete the night after a delicious dinner and before something probably more romantic, you never know…

The owner Bruno is almost always there to walk you through the offer of the bar, while his son does it as good as his father in case that dad is too busy. You may choose a glass of wine of your own choice between some hundred different wines, but if you are not an expert I would recommend you taking one of Bruno’s wine tours.

First of all there is a walk through Hvar’s wine makers’ offer. While tasting the best drops of genuine Hvar’s wine sorts Bruno will tell you the story on the history of Hvar’s wine production from its very beginning to nowadays, introducing to you the most important players of wine production of the island.

Next step would be the walk through Dalmatian islands, introducing you the best sorts from other islands but Hvar – form Šolta, Brač, Vis, Lastovo, peninsula Pelješac… If you are already familiar with Dalmatian wines Bruno will take you to a walk through chosen genuine sorts of continental wines as well. More sophisticated wine lovers would for sure be happy to taste Bruno’s next walk which seems to be pretty extraordinary. It is the choice of international wine sorts, but this time made by Croatian winemakers. Let’s call it ‘well known wines in Croatian coats’.

Red wine

This ‘international exhibition’ leads us to the crown of Bruno’s offer. It is the choice of prize winning wines produced by Croatian winemakers. I must proudly inform you that Croatian wine industry increased significantly in recent years so it’s no wonder that some of our distinguished producers won international prizes such as Decanter… I would not recommend to take all walks mentioned above at once, but to take one at a time. This way you will be able to remember all the tastes for a long time.

This is not the end of Bruno’s story. On a special request he would be more than happy to organize the presentation by Hvar winemakers in person, either in his bar or in their wineries. Last but not least, Bruno is organizing presentations and wine tastings aboard your yacht! That would be really something, wouldn’t it?

I think no further introduction is needed at this point. I found Red Red Wine a lot different from other ‘commercial’ wine bars that all look alike and would like you to enjoy there at least as much as I did this summer.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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