Barbara Adum

Old Wooden Prate Ship Sailing in the Storm

The Notorious Pirate Ships and Their Sailing Stories

From 1680 to 1725, the so-called “Golden Age of Piracy” put the world’s trade at risk. This was the moment in history when pirate sailing became so flagrant that the most talented pirates the world had ever seen pillaged numerous trading ships carrying vast quantities of treasure and valuable goods. During that period, famed pirate …

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Brodet – Dalmatian Cuisine’s Favourite Seafood Meal

Brodet is probably the most typical Dalmatian dish. It can be found, not only all over the Croatian coast, but across the Mediterranean, too. Simply put, brodet is a fish stew, but worth noting is that every brodet is a story for itself. This dish reflects the history of a certain area, as well as the family tradition of the person who prepares it. Like there are different regions across the Croatian coast, there are also different names for this dish: brodet, brudet, brujet, bujabiž.