Oceanis 35.1

Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 – Highly Personalised Sailing Yacht

Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 is a well-designed upgrade of the company’s popular Oceanis 35. Similarly to the earlier boat, the 35.1 has a contemporary, high-performance hull designed by Finot-Conq duo.

Oceanis 35.1
Oceanis 35.1

About Beneteau

Beneteau is a French sail and motor boat manufacturer, with production facilities in France and in the United States. The company is a large and recognized boat builder. With the holding company Beneteau Group now also holds other prestige brands such as Jeanneau and its multihull subsidiary Lagoon.

Innovation is big one for Beneteau, as they see innovation as being ahead of its time and encoure sailors to experience the sea in new ways.  They are uniting simplicity and performance in all weather and all latitudes, with increasingly personalized uses and best innovation possible.  

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Personalisation of the Beneteau Oceanis 35.1

Below decks, there is the biggest change between Beneteau 35.1 and his predecessor: the Oceanis 35.1, an L-shaped galley.

This change not only makes for a safer, easier to use galley but also doubles the seating around the cabin table (the side galley of the Oceanis 35 is still available in the 35.1 boats, on request). For instance, the buyer can select the number of cabins, but also the placement and design of the gallery. In conclusion, in terms of cabin personalization, Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 offers three different cabin versions. Two-cabin, three-cabin and previously mentioned new L-shaped gallery.

One of Oceanis 35.1cabin version
One of Oceanis 35.1cabin version

Company designed the Oceanis 35.1 to satisfy most sailors’ needs in a modern, aesthetically exciting ship. Meaning that is possible to select many individual options to create a boat that meets a buyer’s specific preferences.

Also, with combining performance and comfort on the water, the redesigned deck plan delivers a sleeker profile and the chined hull. Adding more comfort and balance, that makes this yacht a great deal.

Key Features

  • Twin helm station
  • Wide cockpit
  • Stowage locker
  • Ventilation and aerator on deck hatch for natural ventilation
  • Private fore cabin and two aft cabins accommodates six people
  • Head with toilet and shower
  • Wide aft cabin, spacious berth
  • L-shaped Galley

Sail plan

Standard sail plan is a mainsail and roller-furling headsail. Optional are self-tacking gear and in-mast roller furling.

Beneteau calls the standard headsail a Genoa, but at 102% it’s just a bit larger than a working jib. Even if the standard is a 150% Genoa sheet, you might be surprised at how efficient a working jib can be, and how easy is to handle. Unless you’re racing, a working jib is all you need. Genoa jibs were developed to sidestep racing rules. First is used in 1926 in a regatta in Genoa, Italy.

Nevertheless, most buyers will add either the optional Code 0 sail on a furler tacked to the also-optional bobstay, or the asymmetrical spinnaker. A Code 0 is a cross between a genoa and an A-sail, but can be carried almost as close to the wind as a Genoa. For downwind sailing, you can choose an asymmetrical spinnaker, also on the Oceanis 35.1’s options list.

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Spacious cockpit

Sailing the Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 is quite an experience. The beautifully re-designed, super-large cockpit is uncluttered thanks to the Beneteau unique mainsail arch.

With twin helms, a mast positioned further aft and optimized sail plans, the contemporary hull delivers excellent performance and superb stability underway.

Design team at Beneteau has worked extensively to satisfy their customer’s idea of the best yachting lifestyle and this is reflected in every aspect of this beautiful sailing ship. User experience is equally important just like performance.


There are four interior layouts, giving a great variety of choices and more flexibility and ensuring your Oceanis fits your lifestyle completely.

Spacious owners cabin you can access through a double door giving you a stunning forward view of the boat when the doors are open. You can also watch the stars through the large hatches. Nauta design team has succeeded in creating increased space in the 35.1, introducing a new L-shaped galley. As a result, this way they managed to make cooking easier and safer underway.

For the Italian design team, the challenge was to multiply the living spaces in the saloon and offer greater privacy in the owner cabin, while maintaining the visual perspective that her opening to the bow offered in previous versions.
The new L-shaped galley makes a facing seat saloon arrangement possible. The space optimisation allows eight people to sit around the table. For anyone who prefers a more contemporary version, a long galley layout is still available.

In addition , the chart table has been also cleverly designed. Practical and effective, it folds away to leave more room in the saloon.

Colors you can choose between are light oak and more classic mahogany, and there is also a wide choice of linings and upholstery colors and materials. Therefore, you can personalize your yacht to the maximum.

Classic mahogany look of Oceanis 35.1
Classic mahogany look of Oceanis 35.1

Hull Shape

The hull carries wide 12’2” (3.71 m) beam all the way. Hard chine widens the boat above the waterline, where it adds interior volume in the aft staterooms.

Chine also helps sailing in several ways. In conclusion, the boat is narrower at the waterline, thereby reducing wetted surface and drag while also allowing the boat to heel just a bit in light wind. But, as the wind picks up and the boat heels, that chine puts more beam in the water. Therefore, the Oceanis 35.1, like all Oceanis sailboats, is designed to sail on her lines without an excessive amount of heel.

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Characteristics :

Length overall : 10.45 m

Hull Length : 9.97 m

Hull Beam : 3.72 m

Light displacement : 5 966

Fuel tank capacity : 130 L

Fresh water capacity : 130 L

Engine Power (Hp) : 30 CV

CE Certification : A6/B8/C10


In conclusion, the Oceanis 35.1 is a new, improved version of the Oceanis 35 that brought much more personalization, optimization, and perfect sailing experience in one place. What do you think? Share down below in the comments area.

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