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Marketing, Multimedia and Data Science student who loves sailing, writing and photography.

Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 – Highly Personalised Sailing Yacht

Oceanis 35.1

Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 is a well-designed upgrade of the company’s popular Oceanis 35. Similarly to the earlier boat, the 35.1 has a contemporary, high-performance hull designed by Finot-Conq duo. About Beneteau Beneteau is a French sail and motor…

Earth Magnetic Field – what to know

Earth’s Magnetic Field

Like many other planets in our solar system, the Earth has its magnetic field. Because of a large molten iron core, our planet is like one big magnet.  The Earth has several poles, not just two. It has…

Oceanis 46.1 – design, comfort and performance

Design of the new Oceanis boat

Introduction of the Oceanis 46.1 If you were thinking about scheduling yourself a sailing trip sometime soon, you most probably came across Beneteau boats, especially Oceanis 46.1. For the introduction purposes, Beneteau is a French sail and motorboat…

Dinghy Sailing – what you need to know?

dinghy sailing

Dinghy is a type of sailing that uses small boats in two basic ways: for recreation and sailing competitions. Learn more about this famous boat type.

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