Croatia Is Officially Open for Yacht Charterers!

Good news, sailors!

After the COVID-19 world outbreak, situation in nautical industry is finally getting better. Some countries with a better epidemiological picture have decided to mitigate the measures adopted in mid-March.

Reopening National Borders

After the first round of easing the measures by which the Croatian authorities allowed yacht and boat owners to enter the country, the additional relaxation allowed unimpeded entry to foreign nationals who plan to spend their holidays sailing.

On May 15, 2020, Croatian authorities officially reopened the national borders for yacht charterers. In the official document they stated that yacht charters are considered an important economic reason for coming to Croatia. The reason for arrival is proved by presenting the crew list that is entered in the eNautika system by a charter company or vessel owner.

The Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Self-isolation and COVID-19 tests are currently not a requirement for entry into the country. All Croatian and foreign citizens are obliged to abide by others epidemiological measures published by the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

sailing in Croatia

All yachts and boats can move freely between marinas along the coast and islands of the Croatian Adriatic. Marinas, shops, restaurants, bars, and markets are open.

Marina Dalmacija, SukoŇ°an, Croatia

Nautical tourism ports, charter companies and boat owners for multi-day cruises are obliged to adapt their work and provision of services to specific recommendations issued by Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Taking All Preventive Measures

Croatia has been the one of the least COVID-19 effected countries and as infection numbers are down to minimum now, it is essential to emphasize that taking all preventive measures by both charterers and yacht crews remains crucial to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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2 thoughts on “Croatia Is Officially Open for Yacht Charterers!”

  1. Horst Neulinger

    The problem is the returning to Austria !
    Our Government still consists ob a covid 19 Test or 14 days of Quarantine !
    Because of this for me it is unacceptible to book a Charter in Croatia!
    Your Government should interverne at our silly cancelor !

    1. Hi Horst,

      tomorrow the Austrian government will make a decision on lifting restrictions on the movement of people between Croatia and Austria from mid-June. Hope to so you in Croatia this summer.

      Best regards

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