Do You Fish while Sailing?

Fishing in the sunset

Are fishing and sailing somehow connected? Is it self-explanatory that if you sail that you know how to fish? There are many questions about the connection between sailing and fishing but I think those are totally different categories. I have been sailing for some years but I have never been interesting in fishing so much to buy fishing gear and spend every moment at sea with a fish hook below the surface.

Personally, as a skipper, I do not like when customers occupy the entire transom and aft with their fishing gear and annoy helmsman (me) with questions such as: which fish is easy to catch in these waters? what is the best speed to fish with 0.7 nylon? how much weight should I put on the line today?…

Maybe one out of ten fishing enthusiasts ever asked me about fishing permit. Yes, fishing permit is required for every mean of recreational and/or sporting fishing in Croatia regardless whether it is being carried out from the shore or from the yacht. In general, fishing permits are available for period of one day, three days, seven days, one month or one year. They are issued by the Directorate of Fisheries within the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture, through authorized dealers or online. All sorts of regulations and allowed fishing tools are listed at the same web-page.


Please do not take me as a hater of fishing; I just want to put some things in order. I deeply respect some of my customers who were true fishermen – they had their permits, they knew everything about fishing in these waters, they respected regulations as well as the other crew members (including skipper) and their space; and last but not least, they did it for sport.

It happened twice that they caught respectful prey similar to tuna which was served that very evening as a delicious dinner. Still, most of the sailing is being carried out during the summer when fish usually go deep during the day and it is very unlikely to catch a trophy pray then. True fishermen know that very well.

Fishing enthusiasts I disagree with usually fix their fishing rod at the aft and release few hundreds of meters of line behind, usually as soon as the yacht catches the wind; then they wait for few moments, afterwards they take a beer and after finishing it they finally go to sleep. In such cases the line is usually being caught by a propeller of speedboat(s) passing by, stuck to underwater rock or most probably cut by skipper’s sailing knife.

Even if some poor suicidal fish gets caught it is cherished as precious treasure and the excitement of having a dinner made of fresh caught fish usually ends when fishing enthusiast realizes that the best fish is caught at the fish market. However, some of my fellow skippers use to tell stories about nice pieces that ended on their plates aboard, which I truly respect but do not believe completely; especially the part about the size and weight of those pieces.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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