How to Deal with Local Skippers in Croatia (Part 2)

As we have mentioned in the previous post, certain issues sometimes arise between the guests on the yacht and their skipper. Such issues do not stem from bad attitude of any of the sides, but rather from misunderstandings. In this series of two posts, I am offering you advice on the things you can and should not require of your skipper.

    • Partying with the skipper – this is a particularly sensitive issue. It is natural that people who are on holiday like to party. However, skippers are here to work and they have to be sober because they carry the entire responsibility for property and for the guests’ lives. That is why you should not be offended if the skipper refuses to drink and party with you all night long. If they do, however, join the party, you should allow them to take a rest and ‘recharge the batteries’ for the next day.
    • Skippers are human beings as well, so do not expect them to sail endlessly day and night. They too need to take some rest. In case of chartering a monohull, the skipper usually sleeps in the saloon as all cabins are taken by the guests. Bear in mind that skippers need to catch some sleep to be fit the next day, so try to keep quiet when you return from a beach party early in the morning.
    • Feel free to tell your skipper about your wishes and expectations because they have much more knowledge than any guidebook or a trip advising application, so they will be able to tell you how realistic your wishes are.
  • Last but not least, do not forget that there is only one captain aboard. If sometimes skipper cannot implement your idea, it is for a good reason. Do not argue with the skipper about his orders regarding safety, weather conditions, maneuvers or anything else linked to navigation. The captain’s word is law. Every decent skipper will always explain his decisions, especially if the safety is jeopardized. If you disagree with your skipper, find a proper moment and discuss the issue, rather than calling the agency to complain. The skipper is first person that might help you, so always go to him first.

I could continue with other details but I think I have managed to mention crucial points about the skipper-guest interaction. The key of any successful relationship is mutual respect and confidence. Skippers are here to make your holiday the best it can be, and you just have to let them do it. The goal of every decent skipper is to make you want to come to the Adriatic again, while mutual confidence very often results in a long term friendship. On the other hand, a good review at the agency can bring a decent skipper another job. Also, satisfied guests could come back to the agency again. Everybody is happy if the skipper and the guests find common ground. I would like to hear about your both good and bad experiences with skippers, so feel free to tell us your story.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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