Varianta 37

Varianta 37 – Small, Attractive and Daring

The Varianta 37 is a small, attractive and daring sailing yacht made by Hanse Yacht. Although small yachts do not always have a good reputation, the Varinata 37 has all the qualities to change that. The exterior has simple lines and a sporty design and there are several options for the interior design, with the possibility of installing up to three cabins and a lot of storage place. Small, simple, agile and comfortable.

Hanse 345

Hanse 345 Review

The Hanse 345 is the downsized model of the very successful and popular Hanse 355. But nothing is lost: the classical features by Hanse are improved, wich means that the balance and the sailing performance are better. This yacht is perfect for families with small children and for sailing with a hired skipper on a charter yacht.

Hanse 315

The Sexy New Hanse 315

The Hanse 315 is the newest yacht from the German boat manufacturer Hanse. This small sailing yacht can boast with a lot of style and elegance. Its appeal does not lie only in its beauty, but also in its practical deck and cozy exterior, which is full of light and fresh air. The yacht’s sporty performance is excellent for both performance sailing and a relaxed family cruise.

Hanse Fjord 48 Open

Hanse Group Shows Muscles with the Fjord 48 Open

The 2015 edition of boot Düsseldorf took place from 17 to 25 January. The boat show was visited by 240,000 visitors and hosted more than 1,700 exhibitors from 57 countries. This was a good year for the prominent boat manufacturer Hanse Yachts. They presented the newest and largest Fjord powerboat so far – the Fjord 48 Open.

Moody 54 DS

Moody 54 DS – Filling the Gap Between 45 DS and 62 DS

Hanse Yachts presented a new model – the Moody 54 DS, whose style of design follows the well-accepted Deck Saloon concept. The new Moody 54 DS is the ultimate long-distance and easy-to-handle cruiser, perfect for charter. It has a spacious deck saloon with single level living. The Moody 54 DS will fulfill all the requirements of environmentally friendly modern sea-nomads.

Hanse 415

Simplicity in Its Entire Splendor – Hanse 415

The Hanse 415 is a beautiful and easy-to-sail yacht. The yacht is made for a pleasant sailing allowing skippers to sail on their own. The interior is designed by Hanse Yacht Design and comes in several arrangements depending on the owner’s demands. A fair deal of sailing autonomy gives a positive overall image of this yacht.


Hanse Cup Adriatic

Hanse Yachts is a prominent German yacht manufacturer, and one of the largest manufacturers in the world. They boast with a number of yachts, whose technical excellence and impeccable sailing performance have won them numerous awards and recognition. Each year, they organize a regatta in Croatia, called Hanse Cup Adriatic.