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The Oldest Sailing Race

Rota Palagruzona or the Route of Palagruža first took place on June 12th 1593. A typical fishing boat at that time was gajeta falkuša, a traditional Adriatic wooden boat powered by both sails and pedals. Thanks to a few tradition lovers and enthusiasts the route has been revitalized.

Steer Your Yacht to Komiža

The island of Vis lies to the southeast of the major Croatian town Split. Just like its neighbors Brač and Hvar, the island is famous for its number of sunny days. On the western side of the island, there is Komiža, once an important fishing town, now a popular tourist destination.

Sailing Journey around Croatian Distant Islands (Part 2)

The second and final part of our mini-series about sailing to Croatia’s distant islands describes reaching Palagruža, the remotest island in the Croatian Adriatic. After that, our crew goes back north to Vis and continues its journey to other distant islands in the open sea, Biševo, Brusnik and Jabuka.

Sailing Trip from our Island Base in Rogač, Island Šolta

Here you can find a suggested route for sailing from the island base of Rogač, on the island of Šolta. You can visit Brač, Hvar, Vis, some of the most beautiful Croatian islands. There are no wrong routes because you will be surrounded by beautiful beaches, hidden coves and crystal clear water wherever you decide to go.

Why Do They Burn the Boat?

In the old and beautiful village Komiža on Vis island, Croatia, there is a special way of celebrating the day of St. Nicholas. Each year, the local youngsters burn the boat as part of the celebration.

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