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Central Adriatic Route – a Little Bit of Everything

Central Adriatic is regarded by many to be one of the most interesting sailing destinations in the world. Visiting all of its beauties in one go could be a bit challenging, but our skipper has prepared a route will enable you to visit this magical region.

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Dynamic Sailing Route in the Adriatic

Sailing can be so much more than gliding the sea and sunbathing on the deck. Our skipper offers you his proposal for a special sailing route in Central Adriatic that includes adrenaline activities and exciting nightlife, mixed with calmer nights in smaller Adriatic towns. This route is ambitious and challenging, but is perfect for everybody who is seeking an unforgettable sailing experience!


Down the Croatian Adriatic – From Split to Dubrovnik

A one-way trip around the Adriatic can be an excellent opportunity to discover the Dalmatian coast. A seven-days sailing trip from Split to Dubrovnik represents an interesting journey around towns, islands, bays and beaches, so take a look at one route plan.


Sailing Trip from our Island Base in Rogač, Island Šolta

Here you can find a suggested route for sailing from the island base of Rogač, on the island of Šolta. You can visit Brač, Hvar, Vis, some of the most beautiful Croatian islands. There are no wrong routes because you will be surrounded by beautiful beaches, hidden coves and crystal clear water wherever you decide to go.

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Where to Sail from Dubrovnik Base?

If you wish to make the most out of your sailing trip to the South Adriatic, this route will give you a chance to see most of the interesting towns, islands and islets in the vicinity. Šipan, Mljet, Korčula and Lastovo are just some of the destinations you can visit.


A Mediterranean Cruise for a Facebook Fan

One of our Facebook friends had an interesting question: he was wondering if someone could help him plan the best sailing route for a Mediterranean cruise with six of his friends. They are looking for good food, adventure and wonderful places to explore on a 6 year old Bavaria 46. Our skipper suggested an interesting sailing route. We bring you his answer.

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Start in Bodrum and Sail the Gulf of Gökova

The gulf occupies the eastern side of the Aegean Sea, located between the Bodrum Peninsula and the Datça Peninsula in SW Turkey. The Gulf of Gökova (Gökova Körfezi) is also known as Gulf of Kerme (Kerme Körfezi), which stands for “Ceramic Gulf” in Turkish.

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Sailing Dodecanese – Aegean Sea

Dodecanese Islands got a name after a Greek word for twelve – they consist of 12 main islands surrounded by some 150 uninhabited and small ones. The archipelago is situated in SE end of Aegean Sea, closer to the shores of Turkey than to Greek mainland.

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Sailing the Cyclades – the Aegean Sea

The Cyclades is a Greek group of islands situated in Aegean Sea, consisting of some 220 islands, mainly uninhabited. As this area is one of the most popular Greek tourist destinations heavy traffic and a lot of tourists are to be expected during the top season. Our proposed sailing route for this area is: Athens – Kea – Mykonos – Paros – Ios (Santorini) – Serifos – Athens