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Regatés Imperialés – Corsica’s Main Sailing Regatta

Regatés Imperialés first took place in 2003 and have soon become one of the top sailing events not only in France, but also the world. The yachts include several renowned names in the world of sailing: the Firebird (built in 1937 and renovated in 1992), Moonbeam (built in 1920), Lulu, Mariska, Vortex and many others.

Sailing Festival in Honor of St. Nicholas

As St. Nicholas is knocking on our doors Šibenik is preparing to honor him with a sailing festival. Traditional Šibenik regatta for cruisers in its 14th edition has become a large 3-days event dedicated to the sea, sailing, good seamanship and St. Nicholas as the patron saint of seafarers.

Sailing Really Is a Royal Sport

British Royal couple, Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge visited Auckland, New Zealand and took part in a race accompanied by the proud members of Emirates Team New Zealand. The Duchess at the helm of NZL41 with Dean Baker as a tactician won in the race against Prince William who was steering the NZL68 accompanied by Grant Dalton.

St. Nicholas Regatta in Croatia Guys – Tough Sailing for Tough Guys

St. Nicholas regatta means tough weather conditions as well as tough guys at the helm. Skills, archness, solidarity, courage and fair play are the most demanded virtues of all skippers while their boats are cherished as their best friends.

Hanse Cup Adriatic

Hanse Yachts is a prominent German yacht manufacturer, and one of the largest manufacturers in the world. They boast with a number of yachts, whose technical excellence and impeccable sailing performance have won them numerous awards and recognition. Each year, they organize a regatta in Croatia, called Hanse Cup Adriatic.

Start the Year on the Racecourse

Yacht Club Biograd is the host of the St. Anastasia’s regatta in Biograd, near Zadar. The regatta will be held on January 10th and will gather international enthusiast keen to start the new year under sails. Come and join the regatta.

Multiple Parties for Just One Regatta

Here is a story about everything but ordinary regatta that takes place between the Croatian islands of Dugi Otok, Ugljan and Pašman – Gladuša. The special thing about this small but interesting regatta is that there are live concerts and parties the night before the race. It is also a very traditional regatta so you won’t miss the traditional march Tovareća mužika or Donkey’s music.

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