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This post belongs to the category of sailing news and events, so let’s talk about some news. In the Croatian town of Šibenik, four friends and experienced sailors, competitors and coaches decided to make one step forward in their rich careers. They employed the maximum of their enthusiasm in order to create a unique sailing center, which they named Wave Sailing Center. The name of the center comes from the name of the famous sailing club JK Val from Šibenik, in which they all made their first steps in the world of sailing. The word val in Croatian means wave.

The Wave Sailing Center has quickly established itself in the sailing world in Croatia. Following their experience in sailing in Olympic classes and match race sailing, the founders decided to create a fleet of one-design sailing yachts for the center, and for it they chose Beneteau Platu25.

So far, Wave Sailing Center has organized several very interesting races around Šibenik. These races were exciting not only for the competitors, but also for the spectators watching from the town’s waterfront. The racecourse is situated in the channel in front of the city, which is perfect because it is protected from too strong winds and too big waves.

Sailing events organized by Wave Sailing Center have already attracted many fine sailors from all over Croatia and abroad. Smiles on their faces after the races give us hope that we do not have to worry about the future of the center and its cups.

Apart from organizing fleet and match races, Wave Sailing Center offers their Platu25 yachts for daily rent and weekend sailing. They also have an advanced sailing school in their program. Since the Platu25 has been globally recognized as an official sailing class, we might expect more than just local events in Šibenik in the future.

As I am writing these verses, the members of my sailing team are vigorously talking about chartering the Platu25 for a weekend and checking what materials we are made of after spending years as a team sailing cruisers of some 35-40 feet. I expect exciting moments under sails and lots of muscle-ache. Nevertheless, I think we will conclud that there is a lot more to be learned about sailing, but only after we reduce some weight of the crew…

I wish you a calm sea, a fair wind and a strong mast!

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