X-Yachts X43

X-Yachts – Be Careful What You Wish for…

…because your wish might come true. I spoke about dream boats the other day and mentioned Danish X-Yachts as one of such boats. It is elegant, fast, classy and comfortable at the same time. The problem is that such a boat is usually private and only the few have privilege to sail it. Chances to sail on one are pretty small to me since I spend the most of my time working as a skipper in a yacht charter industry.

X-Yachts X43

Close call

However, one of my friends owns an X-Yachts and he allowed me to go sail racing with him. Without any doubt, the X-Yachts is always among the award winners regardless the competition. And yes, sailing the X-Yachts is really something different from all I have had a chance to sail while skippering with tourists. Even my clients managed to see the difference when passing by some X-Yachts sailing on a standard charter sailing yacht. How many times I wondered about sailing the X-Yachts as a skipper or even owning one?

One might say that it is legitimate to dream. My dream almost came true twice so far. First time, I was drafted to become a permanent skipper on 60-footer X-Yachts. It was very excited at the introduction, but the yacht was sold to the owner who did not need a professional onboard. Second time, my former client, an X-Yachts dealer in Japan, asked me to transfer one 40-footer X-Yachts from Japan to San Francisco. What an honor! Sadly, clients cancelled the project and shipped the boat away.

X-Yachts X43

X-Yachts: Equipment

I did not quit dreaming, so it finally paid off. According to my latest confidential information, one design fleet of four X-Yachts 43 opens doors this spring in Croatia. The fleet will be in Martinis Marchi Marina in Maslinica on the island of Šolta. The four identical boats have 55 m2 Triradial Hydranet full battened mainsails, 42 m2 Triradial Hydranet furling jib and 150 m2 all purpose gennaker – as standard equipment. For the race lovers there is a special treat: two sets of race sails sets, one provided by the One Sails and one by the North Sails. It is about the mainsail, two headsails (light/medium + heavy) and two spinnakers. Experts would recognize marks such as 3Di-Raw, S2, Norlon…

All boats have 45 HP Yanmar diesel engines and also two-blade folding propeller, retractable bowthruster, 2000 W inverter and Webasto heating system. The deck equipment consists of Harken Performa winches, Spinlock XTS jammers, Spectra/Dyneema sheets and halyards and carbon lightweight spinnaker-poles. X-Yacht 43 accommodate up to seven people (6+1) in two aft cabins, one front cabin and a saloon. There are two heads onboard, one in the front cabin area and the other aft to starboard. Water tank holds as much as 340 L of fresh water, while the diesel tank’s capacity is 200 L. LOA amounts to 12.91 m with the draft of 2.2 m.

X-Yachts X43

X-Yachts: Holidays or Races


These exquisite boats are offered for standard week-long charter, while additional discounts are offered for multiple-week charter. Extra equipment costs extra – standard spinnaker with a spi-pole, racing pack or optional spinnaker. Charter for sail races considers a double deposit. Special offer in pre-season and post-season includes a skipper drill course, sailing school and RYA course. Corporate sector can go team-building and/or corporate race organization in duration of three to seven days.


On a special request, the agency can fully organize a racing event including regatta registration and permits, route planning, buoys, umpires, race committee, race committee boat, support speedboat, fleet tracking, awards and cups. In addition, crew clothing, skippers and professional crew members can also be provided on request. To fulfil the event, there are non-sailing services available, such as professional photos and videos, loudspeaker, projector and screen, catering, car transfers from airports, on-shore accommodation, etc. Not to forget, the boats have valid ORC certificates and are registered for the Mediterranean. Not only did this offer made my dream came true, but many others can profit from this brand new offer in Croatia – from individuals and corporations to sailing clubs.


The promotion of this unique charter offer will take place within this year’s edition of the Easter Regatta. Moreover, the overall winners will be known through final match racing between the group winners. What a motivation to win a group event again!

Xc 35

Last but not least, there will be one X-Yacths 35 offered for charter too. This baby is not as fast as the 43, but is as pleasant as all other X-Yachts. It is 10.36 m long overall and comes with two cabins. Although it is a cruising model, it would be nice to sail it with a couple of close friends or as a small family. This one will be available in Maslinica (or Split) starting late May 2018.

If you feel the same way as me about X-Yachts, do not hesitate to contact me, so we can make our dreams come true together!

I wish you calm seas, fair winds and a strong mast!

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