Design of the new Oceanis boat

Oceanis 46.1 – design, comfort and performance

Introduction of the Oceanis 46.1

If you were thinking about scheduling yourself a sailing trip sometime soon, you most probably came across Beneteau boats, especially Oceanis 46.1. For the introduction purposes, Beneteau is a French sail and motorboat manufacturer.

The company is a large and recognized boat builder, commanding a substantial worldwide market and doing great innovation in terms of performance sailing. In recent years they showed impressive progress in the field of upgrading sailing experience. They recently came with their new exacting sailing yacht, Oceanis 46.1.
Beneteau boats have achieved so much popularity all over the world and have sold the most sailing yachts to this day. The Oceanis line specifically is one of the most successful lines of cruising yachts in the world and they do not plan to stop on this.

Beneteau Oceanis 46.1
Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 – aerial view

Design & construction

Beneteau is offering a great mix of luxury cruising, pretty looks and performance. They never fail to deliver something new and exciting. That’s why the Beneteau Oceanis is only fair to call performance cruiser, following the impressive Oceanis 41.1.
At first glance, Oceanis 46.1 is very similar to 41.1, offering a wide scope for personalization, modern sharp design, functional and well put together, but a bit more edgy, futuristic style.

Functionality, the performance of the ship and the design, in other words, Oceanis 46.1.

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Alert: Geek facts

What materials did they use while making this sailing wonder?
Well, hull is made of polyester, a deck is made of fiberglass, double spreader mast is aluminum. Shoal, and standard- draft keels are cast iron.
But, are there any novelties? Well, change many sailors wished for is finally here. An in-mast main sail, self-tacking jib, 3 cabin/2 heads and horsepower engine.
For example, you can put secondary winches if you want to increase comfort, or you can change the design of the inside, there are many possibilities.
When we talk about the popularity of Oceanis line, it is enough to say that 46.1 represents the seventh generation of this ship. That said, Oceanis line is for sure one of the most sold and successful cruising yachts. We wonder why? 🙂

Oceanis 46.1
Oceanis 46.1

3 key points

  • Smart (elegant and clever made)
  • Comfortable (Comfort is statement thing from Oceanis)
  • Fast (Who doesn’t love a little adrenalin hit)

Design Features

The Oceanis 46.1 is based on Finot-Conq plan, a famous duo when it comes to designing sailing yachts. Apart from her performance at sea and the huge amount of space that sets this boat apart, this architecture makes optimal use of the cockpit beam. An incredibly efficient deck plan makes her safe and intuitive, so you can maneuver her easily.

The furling mast, self-tailing jib and all the halyards and sheets brought back to a single winch at each of the helm stations, make maneuvering simple when short-handed sailing.

Cockpit and deck design

The Oceanis 46.1’s cockpit gives design features and size that is way bigger than the other yachts available in the market nowadays. And, it’s not only the huge cockpit that makes this yacht interesting.

With internal oblique mantles and verticals placed on the keel portion of the boat, the fragmented pulleys liberate a large volume of space to allow unimpeded movement on the yacht’s deck. As a standard, the Oceanis 46.1 is fortified with a mast roll up machinery. With this self-tailing system, all the sheets and halyards automatically roll back to the two hoists on both sides of the rudder station.

The Oceanis 46.1 has a longer mast which boosts its sail area exponentially, compared to other yachts made in the same year. With a mast this size, this yacht offers nothing less than a unique cruising experience.
The aft offers the same comfort and security as the rest of the yacht. One solitary step is what separates the massive swim platform from the cockpit, providing clean entry to the sea.
There is also an outside table for 8 people. On both sides, we have reclining loungers together with drinks holders protected from wind and the sun. Also, a smart solved storage area.

Cockpit area of Oceanis 46.1
The cockpit area of Oceanis 46.1

Interior design

Nauta Design did a great job with large hull portholes bringing a considerable amount of natural light right into the center of the boat. The natural light accentuates the sophistication and class of interior. There is also a grea view of the sea and the horizon. Great compromises have been made between design, comfort and good performance of the boat. Inside is as impressive as outside: double sink, double fridge, dining area for 8 people.

Many clever customizable fittings allow a great amount of space inside. You can choose your interior in various colors like light brushed oak or mahogany to set the tone and create the interior atmosphere, which can be greatly customized to make her unique and interesting to a wide range of crews. Attention to design details makes life on board a real pleasure and Beneteau knows how important user experience is. They are determined that every customer realize their idea of perfect sailing.

There is a possibility to choose between various cabin versions

Three-cabin version

If we speak about the three-cabin version yacht, useful information is that the owner’s cabin has its separate shower. There are also separate heads and a double bed that can be accessed on both sides. The substantial height of the cabin’s ceiling allows the bed to be designed in such a way as the headboard faces the same way as the yacht.

There are two guest rooms, and both are the same size. There is an option to go with one shared or two separated heads for guest rooms.

Four-cabin version

The four-cabin version of Oceanis 46.1, which is most common among charters, owners’ cabin is separated into two smaller cabins, each with its private head.

Five-cabin version

There is also five-cabin and the three-heads option of Oceanis 46.1, with two different galley designs – either lengthwise or L-shaped.

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Besides comfort and beauty, another wonderful thing the Oceanis 46.1 is the safety of the people on board. The split rigging design liberates a huge expanse on the deck allowing complete freedom of movement.
They improved steering and yacht control so it can be attributed to the twin rudder system equipped with a fiber steering. All the Oceanis 46.1 enhancements were put in place to provide the crew and all the passenger’s utmost comfort, safety, and the experience of luxury.

Experience sailing with Oceanis 46.1

This ship is the perfect partner in sailing adventures. It has everything you need for a perfect vacation. I f you want comfort and luxury but you are also keen to experience some adrenalin rushes, this boat is for you.

Aside from drinking, eating, and just simply chilling out on the yacht, there are plenty of other activities that you can indulge on especially if you chose a great spot to anchor for the day. You can snorkel and take long swims.


Beneteau just has it when it comes to sailing yachts. If you decide to go on a trip with Oceanis 46.1 it will be an experience of a lifetime, something that you and your loved ones will always remember. So go ahead and schedule yourself an Oceanis 46.1.

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