Bed and Breakfast Afloat

Yachts for charter are sought the most during high season. This presents a problem for charter companies, as well as yacht owners, because yachts stay unused in a marina for most of the year. A solution to this problem could be a new strategy called “bed and breakfast afloat”. This model would give tourists accommodation on a yacht moored in a marina.

ACI Šimuni – a Safe Berth on an Interesting Island

Pag is one of the most interesting islands on the Croatian coast. It is situated in the area between the Northern and Southern Adriatic regions, which have both influenced the island’s culture. The unique position of the island makes Pag an excellent starting point for a sailing journey, although many will want to stay on the island thanks to its fantastic club life.

ACI Marina Trogir – a Marina in a Romanesque Town

The beautiful Croatian town of Trogir attracts thousands of visitors each year because of its historic town core. Trogir also lies in the heart of the most popular sailing region in Croatia, Dalmatia, so it is an excellent starting point for sailing journeys, with its ACI Marina as a home base to many charter companies. The Marina has a lot to offer to yachtsmen, and its service has very much improved in recent years.