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Kako uspješno razgovarati s hrvatskim mornarima – dio prvi

Jedrenje u Hrvatskoj je predivno iskustvo. Bilo da jedrite sami ili s prijateljima i obitelji garantiramo vam odličan provod. Kako biste se oslobodili nepotrebnog stresa koji se može pojaviti prilikom sidrenja vaše jahte u marinu pročitajte prvi post u našoj seriji nastavaka koji objašnjava kako komunicirati s osobljem u hrvatskim marinama.

Latest News from Skrivena Luka on Lastovo

Skrivena Luka, Lastovo

Skrivena luka is a small bay situated on the southern part of Lastovo island. There is an old lighthouse which announces the entrance to the bay. It is the second oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic. There is a fantastic restaurant in Skrivena luka called Porto Rosso, which serves excellent traditional meals. A small marina lies in front of the restaurant. You do not have to be the restaurant’s guest to moor your yacht there.

An Unpleasant Event at Dubrovnik Airport

The Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia

A happy family was returning from their sailing holiday in the Adriatic, when they were stopped by the police in Dubrovnik Airport because they did not pay one additional night in a marina. Despite the efforts of the base manager to persuade them to pay, they remained stubborn, so the base had no other option but to call the police. The point is: read your charter contracts carefully and listen to your charter agents!

Ramova – a Marina Below a Mountain

The marina Ramova is situated in the small village of Krvavica on the Makarska Riviera. The Riviera is a popular tourist destination, but is not held in very high regard by yachtsmen, mostly because there are not many sheltered bays and natural ports. The marina is a good shelter from bura that blows from the Biokovo mountain that towers above the area and lies close to more popular Croatian sailing destinations.

Marina Tribunj – Another Lovely Marina in the Adriatic

Marina Tribunj is a beautiful marina situated in Tribunj, a charming Croatian village in the coastal region of Dalmatia, and distinguished by its beauty and the traditional Dalmatian ambient. Tribunj is famous for donkeys, which are considered a cultural heritage. The marina in the village offers a variety of services, and is recognizable by its gorgeous main building.

Guarding the Waters of Split – ACI Marina Milna

ACI Marina Milna is situated in a deep bay on the popular Croatian island of Brač. The marina lies in the western part of the island, in a strait that connects the city of Split with the rest of the Adriatic. That is why Milna has been an important stop for sailors throughout centuries. The marina offers a variety of services, and is a great starting point for exploring the island.

Betina – a Calm Harbor with a Shipbuilding Tradition

The island of Murter is located in the central Adriatic, the most popular sailing area in Croatia. Easily accessible from here are other interesting Dalmatian islands, as well as several national parks. An excellent starting point for a journey across the area would be Marina Betina, situated on the island. The marina offers excellent services to its visitors, and has an intimate and calm atmosphere. Visit and see for yourself!

ACI Marina Vrboska – a Marina in a Deep Bay

Situated in the Croatian coastal region of Dalmatia, Hvar is one of the most beautiful and most popular islands in the Adriatic. To moor their yachts, yachtsmen often choose ACI Marina Vrboska, a marina situated in the deep Vrboska bay, reminiscent of Scandinavian fjords. The marina lies on the Vrboska waterfront, and is located close to numerous historical and nature attractions.

Bed and Breakfast Afloat

Yachts for charter are sought the most during high season. This presents a problem for charter companies, as well as yacht owners, because yachts stay unused in a marina for most of the year. A solution to this problem could be a new strategy called “bed and breakfast afloat”. This model would give tourists accommodation on a yacht moored in a marina.

ACI Marina Trogir – a Marina in a Romanesque Town

The beautiful Croatian town of Trogir attracts thousands of visitors each year because of its historic town core. Trogir also lies in the heart of the most popular sailing region in Croatia, Dalmatia, so it is an excellent starting point for sailing journeys, with its ACI Marina as a home base to many charter companies. The Marina has a lot to offer to yachtsmen, and its service has very much improved in recent years.

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