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Unbelievable Šime Fantela – a sailor who won Golden Olympic medal


Interview with the sailor and Olympic Gold medalist, Šime Fantela.

What to Expect from and How to Treat a Skipper


The most important person on the boat.

Best Sailing Shoes Reviewed in 2019

Nautical fashion is one of the most interesting parts when it comes to sailing. Figuring out what to wear during your sailing vacation isn’t always the easiest decision in the world, so you have to be prepared with…

They took friend’s advice: “If you want to travel the world, don’t buy a couch” and bought sailboat instead


Sailing Uma is not just a boat, it is their entire home. Read Dan’s and Kika’s incredible story.

Best Gifts For Sailors in 2019


Buying gifts for sailors shouldn’t be such a hard job.

No.1 Vacation Destination: This Adriatic Jewel Will Take Your Breath Away


The US Travel Magazine ranked Šolta first among Top 50 World Vacation Destinations in 2018.

Incredible story about Laura Dekker – youngest sailor to sail the world

Laura Dekker_1

Exceptional story about 14 year old girl who decided to sail around the world.

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