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Leave Your Prejudice and Keep on Sailing!

Sometimes in life, we are encountered with things with which we have never dealt before. Our skipper has recently participated in a flotilla which hosted a group of people with special needs. At first he was a bit scared because he did not know how to behave and or what he could expect. But very soon he relaxed and found out that he just had to be himself in order to understand others the best. Read his amazing story here.

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Navigare Necesse Est

NAS Sailing Center is an organization that offers you something completely different from standard yacht charter and sailing schools. With them, you can learn a lot about not only modern sailing but also traditional sailing, history and ecology.

Sailing Refreshment Program

If you have a sailing license, but have never really sailed, or have not sailed for a long time, you might want to refresh your memory. To help you with that, there are a lot sailing refreshment programs, which usually last a week and will give you confidence to start sailing on your own again.

Wave Sailing Center

Wave Sailing Center is an established sailing center in the Croatian town of Šibenik, founded by four friends and experienced sailors. The center has already organized several very successful races, and offers one day and weekend charters aboard their Beneteau Platu25 yachts, as well as an advanced sailing course.