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Sailing with My Friends

Novogodisnja regata 1

My friends and I participated in the very first regatta of 2016 in Croatia. The race took place in the town of Biograd. Due to bad weather, only a handful of other participants appeared, but we had great fun nevertheless. Read about our adventure!

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Where to Eat in Rogač, Šolta

Grohote, Šolta

Rogač is the main port of Šolta island. Unfortunately, it only has one restaurant, the very good Pasarela, which cannot receive all visitors. Luckily, there is one more restaurant in the area. It is called Momčin dvor and is situated in the nearby village Grohote. Just like the village, the tavern has an old-fashioned atmosphere that witnesses the village’s rich agricultural past. The owners of the tavern keep the island’s tradition of simple meals.

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Painkillers Are from Heaven

A girl with sore ear

The writer of this post was skeptical about painkillers, which is why he never took them on his sailing trips. However, after one particularly painful case of ear inflammation, he realized that he can never sail out without a pack of painkillers.

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Check Your Coordinates, Please!

Bura in the Adriatic

Bura is the strongest wind that blows in the Croatian Adriatic. Make sure you never sail out in case of bura. If you do, however, find yourself in the open sea, make sure you establish your exact coordinates, and then call for help. Read a story about how one such sailing trip during bura almost ended in tragedy.

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Fishermen’s Brodet


Brodet is the most typical Dalmatian dish. It is made from fish, and can be translated as “fish stew”. There are numerous types of brodet, so there is a possibility that you will never eat the same brodet twice. In the following blog post, we bring you an old recipe for fishermen’s brodet, which used to be made on trawlers.

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Additional Equipment According to Your Charter Contract

Terms and Conditions

When you charter a yacht, you have to sign a charter contract. Before signing it, it is always useful to read it, even though it may seem boring to you. Charter contracts clarify which equipment on your yacht is additional. That way, you will not be surprised when you get your receipt after sailing the yacht. Read our post and check out which equipment is usually charged extra.

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A Life Raft for Two

Seago liferaft

Seago 2 Men Rescue Raft is the smallest ever rescue raft by the renowned manufacturer of quality marine products Seago. It can hold 2 persons or up to 200 kg of weight. When folded, it is the size of a suitcase. It can get fully inflated in 5 seconds and uses CO2.

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Mrduja Regatta

Mrduja Regatta

Mrduja Regatta is the oldest and second biggest regatta in Croatia. It takes place in the first weekend in October, signifying the end of summer and marking the beginning of the racing season. The regatta starts from Split, passes between the islands of Brač and Hvar and then turns back. The winner of the 84th edition was Mate Arapov, but, when it comes to Mrduja, it is not that much about competing as it is about participating and preserving the tradition.

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Oysters without Decoration

A plateful of oysters

Decoration is a very important aspect of serving the food. Nowadays, we can see all over social media people posting photos of their wonderful dishes. There are some types of food, however, which are their own decoration. Oysters are one such dish.

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Dynamic Sailing Route in the Adriatic

A party on Hvar

Sailing can be so much more than gliding the sea and sunbathing on the deck. Our skipper offers you his proposal for a special sailing route in Central Adriatic that includes adrenaline activities and exciting nightlife, mixed with calmer nights in smaller Adriatic towns. This route is ambitious and challenging, but is perfect for everybody who is seeking an unforgettable sailing experience!

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