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Is Polenta an Aphrodisiac?


Polenta is very simple to prepare and you can prepare it in many ways and serve it as a single dish or as a side dish. Here, you will find a recipe for polenta which is so tasty that you can serve it as a single dish.

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Roaring Waves and a Brave Captain

Storm in the Adriatic

Lighthouses are fascinating places, not just because of their function, but also because of their solitude. Living in a lighthouse may seem as an interesting feat, but it is not always quiet, relaxing and simple. Here is a story about a child who got ill on a lighthouse, and who could not be helped by the public services because of a terrible storm.

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Discovering Island Interiors

A lavender field on Hvar

When people visit islands on their sailing trips, they oftentimes just stick to the coast and the nearby restaurants. That is a shame because island interiors can hide just as spectacular secrets as the coast. One of the great ways to discover entire islands is by bike. Read our skipper’s suggestion on what to see withing some of the Croatian islands!

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I Want to Fly the Helicopter, Too!

Palagruža lighthouse

Some distant and unpopulated Croatian islands are home to big lighthouses, which have their own keepers. Sometimes, an unpredictable situation may occur, and the keepers and their families need urgent medical assistance. In that case, call a helicopter!

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How Much Does It Cost to Spend One Week Under Sails?

A man jumping from a yacht.

One of the most frequent and most rarely answered questions about sailing is: “How much does it cost?” The reason why it is impossible to give a simple answer is the fact that there are numerous factors that should be taken into consideration. They include location, time of the year, the number of persons aboard and the type of the yacht. Likewise, there are additional cost that should be considered. This interesting post will give you a thorough insight into the costs of sailing.

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A Lighthouse or a Secret Love Nest?


First data on lighthouses in the east Adriatic dates to the 3rd millennium B.C. Those buildings were stone made constructions on the top of hills above natural ports. Ancient people used to burn bonfires there and call it ‘the lighthouse’.

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Marinated sardines as a cool snack

Marinated sardines

Marinated sardines are the most appropriate seafood meal for hot summer days during the sailing trip. Preparation is really very simple, with lots of  Mediterranean herbs, vinegar, lemon and olive oil. With this meal, you will not make a mess in your galley and you will eat something really original and traditional in the Croatian Adriatic.

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Sunglasses for Hi-tech Sailors

Garmin Nautix In-View Display

Garmin’s new sunglasses, Garmin Nautix In-View Display, display crucial marine data, such as boat speed, heading, water depth and temperature, wind direction and engine RPM, in your sight line. This brand new toy is designed for fishermen, as well as for sailors.

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Don’t Mess with Shipyard Workers

The boat looks like new!

For some reason, it seems that being a shipyard worker is not a very respected profession. After spending a few days in a shipyard removing a old paint from a boat, I realized that it is a very difficult job. I will never make another joke about shipyard workers. Read about my experience!

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