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Šćedro - The Most Peaceful Island of the Mediterranean

Šćedro is a small island between the islands of Hvar and Korčula. Its surface amounts to not more than 8 km2. Sailors love the pleasant bays of Šćedro. The most popular ones are Lovište (porat), Monastir, Porteruša bay and Tufera bay. Tranquility and natural beauty is of the island will surely amaze you.


Dock&Go - Maneuvering a Yacht has Become a Game!

Dock & Go is an intuitive docking system from the French yacht builder Beneteau. It will make maneuvering a yacht look like playing a game with a joystick. Both the stern and the bow can be controlled by Dock & Go system in case of strong wind, allowing the skipper to avoid collision with other boats.


ACI Opatija - Embraced by the Viennese Royalty

ACI marina Opatija is located at the foot of Kvarner bay, at the E end of Istrian peninsula. Opatija attracted its first tourists at the end of 19th century and it is still a popular tourist destination. ACI marina Opatija can accommodate 283 vessels at the sea and 35 on dry berth. Opatija is well connected with the rest of Europe.

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