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Navigare Necesse Est

night sailing

NAS Sailing Center is an organization that offers you something completely different from standard yacht charter and sailing schools. With them, you can learn a lot about not only modern sailing but also traditional sailing, history and ecology.

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Cold Drinks Anyone?


Sometimes, it is not easy to enjoy refreshment aboard a sailing yacht. It takes some time to cool the drinks, or the fridge is far away from you. Italian fridge manufacturer Vitifrigo released their DW 35 fridge shaped like a drawer, which is pretty useful and easy to install in the cockpit or the flybridge of your yacht. Find out more about this drawer shaped fridge.

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Wave Sailing Center

Two yachts racing

Wave Sailing Center is an established sailing center in the Croatian town of Šibenik, founded by four friends and experienced sailors. The center has already organized several very successful races, and offers one day and weekend charters aboard their Beneteau Platu25 yachts, as well as an advanced sailing course.

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Electronic Tactician

B&G Vulcan 7

B&G produced something new for true sailors and competitors. Their latest chartplotter Vulcan 7 combines all essential data for sailors and provides smart functions such as Intelligent Sail Steering and Smart Manoeuvre along with the GoFree option. It could absolutely help you on the racecourse.

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Beneteau Platu25 – Guaranteed Excitement

Beneteau Platu25

Beneteau Platu25 is a sailing yacht recognized as a global sailing class and an excellent choice for rookies, intermediate sailors and experienced competitors. This ”fast beast” is perfect for crews of five and for daily or weekend sailing. Platu25 is a current growing trend among smaller yachts.


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“The Oasis of Life in the Middle of Nowhere”

Konoba ribarska kuca Niko

On the far south part of Pelješac peninsula, there is a small hidden bay, surrounded by mountains and hills – Kobaš bay. This bay also hides something every foodie would appreciate – Niko’s fishermen house. Here, you will not only eat delicious, homemade and fresh food, but also find out about the owner’s family history and tradition.

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Horror at the Lighthouse


Life at sea is not always nice and easy and neither is life at the lighthouse. It can often be very hard and solitary with the lack of company. I recommend you not to read this post if you don’t like scary and tragic stories.

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How I Became a God


In preseason, not all clubs and cocktail bars are open on the coast. That, however, does not mean that you cannot have an exciting nightlife experience. Take a look at this interesting story about a night out that happened to our skipper and his guests.

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Sailing Refreshment Program


If you have a sailing license, but have never really sailed, or have not sailed for a long time, you might want to refresh your memory. To help you with that, there are a lot sailing refreshment programs, which usually last a week and will give you confidence to start sailing on your own again.

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