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Spring Delight

We have already written how every culture and community have their own signs of knowing when one season ends and another begins. People who are closely in touch with nature can predict such changes better than anyone else. Our skipper has his own way or predicting when spring will arrive. To learn how having good taste in food can announce you the beginning of spring, read this story!


The Spirit Never Dies

Today’s post brings you a story about a boat called Hir 3. Mladen Šutej, a great sailor, used it to sail the entire world. His journeys on Hir 3 ended after the war in Croatia started, but the story of the famous red boat did not end there. Read the post and find out what happened to it later.


That’s My Caprice!

Most people follow a certain pattern in life - they grow up, finish their education, get a job and start a family. They all have their dreams, but, for some reason, they are afraid to realize them, and then grow old and regret not trying. This is a story about a man who believed his guts and got what he wanted.

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