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Zagreb Boat Show

Zagreb Boat Show will be held for the 24th time at the Zagreb Fair pavilions from 18th to 22nd February 2015. The fair will be held under the motto “To sail, to discover, to live”. Come and enjoy the most successful business event of its kind in the region.


Still Stuck Under the Heel of the Italian Boot

Gallipoli in the Italian Gulf of Taranto has always been a safe harbour and an important base for Ionian seafarers. Gallipoli offers beautiful beaches, historical sites, a romantic atmosphere of the old Mediterranean town and a vivid night life.


5 Ways to Become a Sailor Part 2

You can learn to sail at sailing schools where a student gains knowledge about sailing, route planning, weather forecasting and regulations. Other way is to just follow your dreams and take off. Or combine the two for the best result!

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