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Bavaria Sport 360 - Dynamic, Spacious and Luxurious

Bavaria Sport 360 is a powerboat designed to re-define the concept of combined dynamics, power, luxury and fun. The model comes in three options - Open, Hardtop and Coupe. Bavaria Sport 360 has two 260 HP engines. The powerboat guarantees performance, functionality and simplicity of handling.


Tandem Anchor System - Two is Always Better Than One

Tandem Anchor System® is here to solve your anchoring problems. It is an innovative system of anchoring using single anchor chain with two anchors. Tandem Anchor System® was presented by Slovenian Weber Marine Ltd., under Wemar trademark.


Words ‘Carbonara’ and ‘Carbonated’ Are Not Synonyms

Spaghetti alla carbonara or simply carbonara is a very tasty and easy-to-prepare meal. It has its origins in Italy, Lazio. As all other recipes, this one has numerous variations. Whichever combination you choose, you won't be disappointed by this tasty recipe.

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