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Šešula – a Calm Bay on Šolta Island

Šešula bay

Šešula is a small bay on the Croatian island of Šolta. It is popular among lovers of sailing because it is deep enough to protect from all winds. The old-fashioned way of anchoring with tying the stern ashore is still possible in the deepest and the calmest cove of the bay. A very good restaurant called Šišmiš is situated in the bay. Make sure you try their fish dishes, just announce your arrival in advance. They will even assist you with mooring and offer you free overnight stay on a buoy after the dinner.

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Pros and Cons of Sailing Holidays

A man jumping from a catamaran

Sailing holidays have their good sides and less good sides. Our skipper has tried to enlist all the pros and cons of spending your vacation aboard a yacht. You may consider long distances a problem, but you may as well be charmed by the beauty you will discover along the way. You might not like not having enough storage space, but then again you may learn that you really do not need many things to be happy… All of this is up to you only, but know that you cannot make a mistake by going on a sailing holiday!

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Prigradica – A Bay Which Is More than Just a Stop-By


Prigradica bay is located on the northwestern shore of the island of Korčula. It has been inhabited since the early times and serves as a port for the town of Blato, one of the island’s economic centers. Prigradica is much more than a stop-by for yachtsmen. It offers beautiful and calm environment, as well as beautiful pebbly and rocky beaches, and there is even a song dedicated to the inhabitants of this area.

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On Board Laundry

Drumi machine

Drumi is a new practical laundry-washing machine that can be used on board a sailing yacht. First of all, it is small, so it does not take up much space. It is very simple to use – the clothes are washed by pressing a pedal. It does not require any electricity and uses very little water, and its parts are made of recycled materials, so it is quite ecological.

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Nečujam – the Largest Bay on Šolta Island

A house in Nečujam

Nečujam is the largest bay on the Croatian island of Šolta. It used to be very popular among the Roman nobility, which included the Roman emperor Diocletian. Nowadays, this bay is a favorite for the citizens of Split and houses more than 2,000 summer homes. Likewise, it is very visited in high season by day-trip boats. Because it gets crowded during the season, visit it after the summer ends to get the same experience as the Roman nobility did!

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An Office That Sails the World


Coboat is a catamaran that sails the world and functions as an innovative workspace. It sets off in November form Southeast Asia and will house digital nomads, experts an professionals who are fed up with the conventional way of working and are willing to help each other in their projects. Likewise, the boat leaves zero carbon footprint. The main purpose of Coboat is building a better and cleaner world.

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Latest News from Skrivena Luka on Lastovo

Skrivena luka

Skrivena luka is a small bay situated on the southern part of Lastovo island. There is an old lighthouse which announces the entrance to the bay. It is the second oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic. There is a fantastic restaurant in Skrivena luka called Porto Rosso, which serves excellent traditional meals. A small marina lies in front of the restaurant. You do not have to be the restaurant’s guest to moor your yacht there.

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Cheap Trick for Cooking Fish on Board

Fish in oven paper

Cooking fish on board a yacht can be a tricky business, especially when it refers to grilling and frying. For a start, not many sailing yachts are equipped with an on-board grill. Second, open fire ashore is strictly forbidden in Croatia. Finally, the smell of a cooked fish can linger on your yacht for days. Our skipper brings you a cheap trick for cooking fish on board, and it involves a tin foil. Learn more!

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Innovative Anchor Design from Mantus

Mantus anchor

Mantus anchors represent a new and innovative line of anchors. They dig into the seabed very quickly and hold strong strongly to it. This line comes with more then 10 available anchors, which are same in design but vary in weight – from 1 kg to 80 kg.

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