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Mojito – to Drink or to Sail?

Mojito 888

Mojito 888 is a new sailing yacht by the French manufacturer Idbmarine. It has won the sailboat of the year 2015 award by the French magazine Voile. The Mojito 888 is described as a family speeder because it is big enough to accommodate a small family and is good enough to win a race.

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Sailing in Croatia – Infographic


We present you our first infographic about sailing in Croatia! With more than a thousand islands, a coast of 5835 km, and the beautiful Adriatic Sea, Croatia attracts sailors all year long. There are numerous sailing destinations you can visit by chartering a yacht and setting of into exploring the Adriatic. Enjoy your visit!

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The Sexy New Hanse 315

Hanse 315

The Hanse 315 is the newest yacht from the German boat manufacturer Hanse. This small sailing yacht can boast with a lot of style and elegance. Its appeal does not lie only in its beauty, but also in its practical deck and cozy exterior, which is full of light and fresh air. The yacht’s sporty performance is excellent for both performance sailing and a relaxed family cruise.

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An Unpleasant Event at Dubrovnik Airport


A happy family was returning from their sailing holiday in the Adriatic, when they were stopped by the police in Dubrovnik Airport because they did not pay one additional night in a marina. Despite the efforts of the base manager to persuade them to pay, they remained stubborn, so the base had no other option but to call the police. The point is: read your charter contracts carefully and listen to your charter agents!

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Ramova – a Marina Below a Mountain

Marina Ramova, Makarska, Croatia

The marina Ramova is situated in the small village of Krvavica on the Makarska Riviera. The Riviera is a popular tourist destination, but is not held in very high regard by yachtsmen, mostly because there are not many sheltered bays and natural ports. The marina is a good shelter from bura that blows from the Biokovo mountain that towers above the area and lies close to more popular Croatian sailing destinations.

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MOB Light Saves Lives


MOB (man overboard) light by the English manufacturer Exposure Marine won the design award in the category of life-saving and safety equipment at this year’s Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam. This powerful torch activates when touched and thrown. Its main purpose is to be thrown to a person who fell overboard. It has a light range of 180 m and a strobe light that can reach up to 5 NM.

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Anchors and Anchoring (Part 2)

Anchor 5

Anchoring is one of the basic and most crucial sailing maneuvers. There is an unwritten codex of behavior when anchoring in anchorages, the most important rule being allowing other yachtsmen to perform anchoring in peace. Various types of anchors are designed to suit various types of seabeds. Read all about this in our second post in the series about anchoring.

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About Anchors and Anchoring (Part 1)

Anchor 1

Anchoring is one of the basic and most important sailing maneuvers. It is not that difficult to perform, but can sometimes be tricky, depending on the seabed, the type of the anchor and other factors. Sometimes, it is necessary to repeat it several times so that you could anchor the yacht properly and provide safety for the passengers. Read the first part of our series of posts about proper anchoring!

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ACI Palmižana on the Islands of Hell

Paklinski otoci

ACI Marina Palmižana is a situated in one of the most visited yachting destinations in the Adriatic, the Paklinski otoci archipelago. It lies just opposite the exclusive town of Hvar on the island of the same name, which attracts luxurious yachts and the world’s elite over the summer. The marina can be very busy in high season, so make sure you book your place a few days in advance.

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Shoes and Sailing

Chatham Shoes 4

Aqua-Go Mist G2 Performance Sailing Shoes are new sailing shoes that are designed to prevent feet from getting wet. They are made by the British manufacturer Chatham and incorporate new fast-drying materials, which also maintain the temperature of your feet, as well as drainage holes for water to disperse. They could be excellent in combination with DexShell socks.

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