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Marinated sardines as a cool snack

Marinated sardines

Marinated sardines are the most appropriate seafood meal for hot summer days during the sailing trip. Preparation is really very simple, with lots of  Mediterranean herbs, vinegar, lemon and olive oil. With this meal, you will not make a mess in your galley and you will eat something really original and traditional in the Croatian Adriatic.

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Sunglasses for Hi-tech Sailors

Garmin Nautix In-View Display

Garmin’s new sunglasses, Garmin Nautix In-View Display, display crucial marine data, such as boat speed, heading, water depth and temperature, wind direction and engine RPM, in your sight line. This brand new toy is designed for fishermen, as well as for sailors.

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Don’t Mess with Shipyard Workers

The boat looks like new!

For some reason, it seems that being a shipyard worker is not a very respected profession. After spending a few days in a shipyard removing a old paint from a boat, I realized that it is a very difficult job. I will never make another joke about shipyard workers. Read about my experience!

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You Get a Little More with More 55

More 33

Croatia is not yet established on the sailing yachts market, but each yacht that comes from this country leaves a mark in the sailing world. One of those yachts will definitely be More 55. It is a performance cruiser built to satisfy all those who expect high speeds and racing, as well as those who prefer easy handling and leisure family  sailing. This concept is the latest trend in the industry. Learn more about the yacht!

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Living in a Lighthouse

Palagruža svjetionik

When thinking about life at a lighthouse, one always thinks of a solitary and a bit lonely lifestyle. However, when you hear lighthouse keepers talking about their home, you soon realize that living in a lighthouse is much more than that. Take a look how one reluctant lighthouse keeper fell in love with her new life.

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Livka Bay – The Pay Toll at the Gate of Split

Livka bay

If you are passing the Gate of Split, one of the busiest straits in the Adriatic, separating the islands Šolta and Brač, you will probably want to anchor in Livka. It is the southernmost bay on Šolta and a regular spot for swim breaks. Our skipper advises you where it is the best to anchor, so take a look!

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Sailing with My Friends

Novogodisnja regata 1

My friends and I participated in the very first regatta of 2016 in Croatia. The race took place in the town of Biograd. Due to bad weather, only a handful of other participants appeared, but we had great fun nevertheless. Read about our adventure!

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Where to Eat in Rogač, Šolta

Grohote, Šolta

Rogač is the main port of Šolta island. Unfortunately, it only has one restaurant, the very good Pasarela, which cannot receive all visitors. Luckily, there is one more restaurant in the area. It is called Momčin dvor and is situated in the nearby village Grohote. Just like the village, the tavern has an old-fashioned atmosphere that witnesses the village’s rich agricultural past. The owners of the tavern keep the island’s tradition of simple meals.

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Painkillers Are from Heaven

A girl with sore ear

The writer of this post was skeptical about painkillers, which is why he never took them on his sailing trips. However, after one particularly painful case of ear inflammation, he realized that he can never sail out without a pack of painkillers.

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Check Your Coordinates, Please!

Bura in the Adriatic

Bura is the strongest wind that blows in the Croatian Adriatic. Make sure you never sail out in case of bura. If you do, however, find yourself in the open sea, make sure you establish your exact coordinates, and then call for help. Read a story about how one such sailing trip during bura almost ended in tragedy.

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