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Recommendations – A Double-Edged Sword

De gustibus non est disputandum... that is true, but a good skipper will always recommend a fine restaurant that suits your wishes. If he goes the extra mile to make a reservation and guarantees for the restaurant, take his advice and order the house special. You won't be disappointed.


ACI Cres - The Marina in The Amphitheater of Olives

ACI Cres is in a deep and safe bay surrounded by slopes covered in olive trees, in the vicinity of Cres Town. The marina has 458 mooring berths and 120 dry berths. ACI Cres provides you with an extraordinary tranquility and breathtaking environment.


Bavaria 51 Cruiser - Redesigned Classical Cruiser

Bavaria 51 Cruiser looks sophisticated and elegant. The English Design Unlimited Studio managed to make the yacht functional and useful. The interior design emphasizes comfort and spaciousness and has different options - from three to five cabins. The new design was presented on Düsseldorf Boot Show.

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