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Racing or Cruising – Propeller Counts

MAX PROP is an Italian company that produces feathering propellers with wings with identical angle both in their forward and reverse positioning. That way you get the same level of sailing performance either when driving or maneuvering in the port. MAX PROP makes their propellers to be resistant to marine corrosion.


A Tattoo is Not a Decoration

Sailors' fashion of tattooing has a long tradition. The old saying goes: "A sailor without a tattoo is like a boat without grog." Only sailors that crossed the Atlantic have been allowed to put an anchor tattoo. The symbol of the North Star was believed to help sailors find their way home. They were much more than decoration for the seafarers.


Gastronomic Holy Trinity

Gregada originates from the old fishermen tradition. It is a traditional dish of Croatian Adriatic that includes fish, onions and potatoes. There are many variations but the most famous one is hvarska gregada, from the island of Hvar. It doesn't matter which wine you choose, it will go great with the gregada.

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