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La Marinella

La Marinella is one of the most famous restaurants in North Adriatic. The menu abounds in exquisite seafood specialties, traditional Triestine sweets and an amazing wine collection. The staff is friendly and cheerful with a friendly personal approach. La Marinella offers a great view of the Gulf of Trieste.

Gastronomic Connections on Šolta Island

There are three things connecting the village of Maslinica and Šešula bay on the island of Šolta: the sea, the road and excellent food. Šešula bay hides one of the best restaurants in the area, which is called Šišmiš. Its special offer proved to be so attractive to visitors, which is why another restaurant, called Šakajet, was opened in Maslinica. The names of both restaurants designate the animal “bat”.

Spots to Visit When You’re Sailing in Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris is one of the top sailing destinations in the Mediterranean and if you decide to charter a yacht there or happen to find yourself sailing in the vicinity, you will surely want to know which restaurants are worth a visit.

Corfu Sailing Club Restaurant

Corfu Sailing Club Restaurant offers you a chance to enjoy fresh air, the sound and scent of the sea and a view of the amazing deep blue ocean while tasting Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. The Club is decorated in a true sailing style. Corfu Sailing Greek Club Restaurant has colorful and nicely decorated dishes and some of the best wine in Greece.

Restaurant Marijana, Trogir – The Best Restaurants Often Are Not Advertised

It is true that eating out is one of the most important components of your sailing trip. Not only because you want to eat good food and be sure that you have tried local most genuine food, but sometimes it comes from very simple reasons – because you are hungry want to rest of cooking onboard.

Lambs of Kornati

Every sailor is attracted to Kornati National Park in Croatia. This is not just because of the stark, bare land set against the bluest shade of the blue waters. It is not because of the peace and tranquility that surround the islands like a soothing mist in the early autumn morning. It is because of something else – it is about great food.

A Simple Diner as a Highlight of a Sailing Trip

Arriving to the starting point of a sailing trip, your charter base, in many occasions includes a long and exhausting ride. The perfect option to avoid stress while waiting your turn for check-in would be to take a refreshment at marina bar or restaurant. Pub-restaurant Gušt is the perfect option if you chartered your yacht at D-Marin marina Mandalina in Šibenik.

Financa, a Great Restaurant at Campsite Medulin

Istria, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic, is located in the northwest of Croatia. This beautiful region offers a variety of possibilities for its visitors. As is the case with the rest of the peninsula, the region around its largest town, Pula, is definitely worth exploring. Join us on an adventure and discover one of finest restaurants in Istria!

Sailing the Šibenik Archipelago

What can you visit on a sailing trip around the Šibenik archipelago and Šibenik area? Two national parks are a must-see: Kornati and Krka. Eat in Prvić Luka, and visit the islands of Smokvica, Kaprije, Tijat and Žirje.

Top 6 Greek Restaurants on the Ionian Islands

We present you just a small selection of the restaurants worth visiting, but there is no reason for you not to explore others as well. Here are some details on Sapfo and The Barrel on Lefkas, Olive Tree Taverna and Popolaros on Zakynthos, Maistro on Corfu and Stavros, Ithaki.

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