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Sailing around the Island of Pag

The Croatian coast is rich with numerous islands and inlets. Each and every one of them offers something unique. One of the most popular islands, and the one with the longest coastline, is Pag. Situated in the northern Adriatic, and set against the magnificent Velebit mountain, the island is rich with culture, history, nightlife and natural wonders.

Where to Eat in Rogač, Šolta

Rogač is the main port of Šolta island. Unfortunately, it only has one restaurant, the very good Pasarela, which cannot receive all visitors. Luckily, there is one more restaurant in the area. It is called Momčin dvor and is situated in the nearby village Grohote. Just like the village, the tavern has an old-fashioned atmosphere that witnesses the village’s rich agricultural past. The owners of the tavern keep the island’s tradition of simple meals.

Restaurant Pojoda

If you are looking for the best restaurant on the Adriatic, you will find yourself in a very difficult (although not entirely unpleasant) position. There are plenty of excellent restaurants and taverns on the Croatian coast that offer simple, authentic, high-quality seafood. However, one such restaurant is considered by some to be the best of all.

Štandarac tavern

Eating in the Highlands of Šolta

One of the best places to eat on the Croatian island of Šolta is definitely a tavern called Štandarac. It is situated in the village of Gornje Selo, close to the highest peak of the island. There, guests can try the traditional food prepared under peka. The specialties of the restaurant include veal under peka and octopus under peka. You can try food prepared in other styles as well, and many ingredients are produced domestically. Whatever you eat, just announce your arrival in advance.