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Tiwal 3

Tiwal 3: For Those Addicted to Sailing

Tiwal 3 is a small sailing dinghy that comes in a kit, which means that you can put it together and start sailing after only 20 minutes. This inflatable sailing dinghy is meant for one adult person but I believe it could be safe enough for one adult and two smaller kids, since its transport capacity is up to 200 kg. Tiwal 3 is excellent for sailing enthusiasts and all who can’t live without sailing.

Gennaker – Two Sails in One or What?

The gennaker is a type of sail that is less know about, as opposed to other types, such as the jib, the genoa and the spinnaker. Today’s post describes the characteristics of the gennaker and how it differs from other types of sails, particularly the spinnaker, from which it evolved when sailors realized it is much simpler to handle.

The Seabin and its founders

Cleaning the Oceans: The Seabin Project

The Seabin is an automated marina rubbish bin that collects floating rubbish, debris and oil from the water. Its main purpose is to solve and prevent ocean pollution problems. It was designed to clean marinas, ports and yacht clubs, which are a perfect place to start cleaning oceans because there is no open ocean swells and storms, and the bin works in a controlled environment.


How Many Types of Mainsail Are There?

Charter companies differentiate between two types of the mainsail: the full-batten mainsail and the roll mainsail. The difference between them lies in the systems that set and fold the mainsail, but also in the shape. There are also some sub-types of these two mainsails, such as fully-battened, semi-battened and semi-full-battened., sails

Sunglasses for Hi-tech Sailors

Garmin’s new sunglasses, Garmin Nautix In-View Display, display crucial marine data, such as boat speed, heading, water depth and temperature, wind direction and engine RPM, in your sight line. This brand new toy is designed for fishermen, as well as for sailors.

NightSpotter Thermal Scope 240

NightSpotter – Onboard Night Vision

NightSpotter Thermal Scope 240 is a thermal camera, very useful for onboard night vision when sailing. It provides very precise image based on thermal energy emission. It can be life-saver in very dangerous MOB situations during the night. The camera can also help you in situations such as sailing at night anchoring during the night in a cove that you do not know that well.

Cold Drinks Anyone?

Sometimes, it is not easy to enjoy refreshment aboard a sailing yacht. It takes some time to cool the drinks, or the fridge is far away from you. Italian fridge manufacturer Vitifrigo released their DW 35 fridge shaped like a drawer, which is pretty useful and easy to install in the cockpit or the flybridge of your yacht. Find out more about this drawer shaped fridge.

LED Strips 1

LED Strip Lights – Technology for Romance and Glamour

Creating a romantic night in the cockpit of your yacht can be a challenging experience. First of all, there is the evening chill. Secondly, you will probably have quite a few night bugs flying around you. Finally, a romantic atmosphere cannot be achieved without proper lighting. The last problem can now be easily fixed with LED Strip Lights, which will give your yacht both romantic and glamorous look!

B&G Vuclan

Electronic Tactician

B&G produced something new for true sailors and competitors. Their latest chartplotter Vulcan 7 combines all essential data for sailors and provides smart functions such as Intelligent Sail Steering and Smart Manoeuvre along with the GoFree option. It could absolutely help you on the racecourse.