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Why Do They Burn the Boat?

In the old and beautiful village Komiža on Vis island, Croatia, there is a special way of celebrating the day of St. Nicholas. Each year, the local youngsters burn the boat as part of the celebration.

Sailing Is Still a Gentlemen’s Sport

A nice story about good manners of sailors in the racecourse. At the 2008 Olympic Games the Danish team’s mast got broken and the Croatian team lent them their boat. The Danes won the Olympic gold medal and the Croatian team won the Pierre de Coubertin World Fair Play Trophy.

What an Odd Encounter

Sailing can give you many opportunities to meet new people. This is a story about one odd encounter with a very interesting and uncommon person.

Horror at the Lighthouse

Life at sea is not always nice and easy and neither is life at the lighthouse. It can often be very hard and solitary with the lack of company. I recommend you not to read this post if you don’t like scary and tragic stories.

How I Became a God


In preseason, not all clubs and cocktail bars are open on the coast. That, however, does not mean that you cannot have an exciting nightlife experience. Take a look at this interesting story about a night out that happened to our skipper and his guests.

Foiling around Cape Horn

Foiling Cape Horn

Frank Cammas has recently become the first person to cross Cape Horn in a foiling catamaran. This achievement contradicts the opinion that we have already achieved everything. The truth is, there is no limit to human possibilities. Likewise, sailing sport is developing on a daily basis. New techniques and categories are constantly introduced. That is why records will always be broken.

Pizza Boat in the Caribbean

Pizza Pi boat

Tara and Sasha Bouis are a US couple who live in the Caribbean. They own a pizza boat called Pizza π and make pizzas for a living. They are anchored in Christmas Cove, Great St. James Island, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and have sailors and surfers visiting their boat to eat a pizza. It is the highest rated restaurant in the area.

Fleet Operator – an Ideal Job?

A yacht charter marine

The profession of the fleet operator is considered an ideal job. There is a lot of travelling and spending time by the sea. And, sure, these are some privileges that fleet operators enjoy, but this job is much more demanding and significantly more complex than it seems at first. One fleet operator tells her story about what it is like to charter yachts and concludes that yacht charter is not about the boats. It is about people and the moments!

An Unpleasant Event at Dubrovnik Airport

The Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia

A happy family was returning from their sailing holiday in the Adriatic, when they were stopped by the police in Dubrovnik Airport because they did not pay one additional night in a marina. Despite the efforts of the base manager to persuade them to pay, they remained stubborn, so the base had no other option but to call the police. The point is: read your charter contracts carefully and listen to your charter agents!

I Will Never Sail out Again – Story of Daniel Guerrero Martínez and his son Isaías

I Will Never Sail out Again 3

On December 28, 2014, two Mexican fishermen sailed out into the Pacific Ocean to try and catch a few sharks. Unfortunately, they got caught in a heavy storm and got lost at sea. They spent 24 days trying to return to the shore. This amazing story seems more like fiction than real life. Read the post and learn about the most important skill for surviving at sea.

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