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Reward for Courage and True Good Seamanship

Valovi Šibenika

Sailing club JK Val from Šibenik is giving an exceptional prize for good seamanship for an individual or crew who contributed in search and rescue actions which involved sailboat or a crew of sailors.

The Best Way To Explore Croatia is by Island Hopping


Check out our list of Croatian treasure islands that are worth visiting.

Sailing Festival in Honor of St. Nicholas


As St. Nicholas is knocking on our doors Šibenik is preparing to honor him with a sailing festival. Traditional Šibenik regatta for cruisers in its 14th edition has become a large 3-days event dedicated to the sea, sailing, good seamanship and St. Nicholas as the patron saint of seafarers.

Wave Sailing Center

Two yachts racing

Wave Sailing Center is an established sailing center in the Croatian town of Šibenik, founded by four friends and experienced sailors. The center has already organized several very successful races, and offers one day and weekend charters aboard their Beneteau Platu25 yachts, as well as an advanced sailing course.

Oysters without Decoration

Decoration is a very important aspect of serving the food. Nowadays, we can see all over social media people posting photos of their wonderful dishes. There are some types of food, however, which are their own decoration. Oysters are one such dish.

St Nicholas: Busy Weekend for Croatian Sailors

St Nicholas

St Nicholas’ Day is a busy day on the Croatian coast, especially if it falls on a weekend. St Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, seafarers and fishermen, which is why many sailing events are organized in his honor across the Adriatic. Some of the most interesting events include the 16th edition of Šibenik Regatta, St Nicholas’ Regatta in Biograd and one of the same name in Split. These races attract the best Croatian sailors and are some of the most demanding regattas in the Adriatic.

Marina Tribunj – Another Lovely Marina in the Adriatic

Marina Tribunj is a beautiful marina situated in Tribunj, a charming Croatian village in the coastal region of Dalmatia, and distinguished by its beauty and the traditional Dalmatian ambient. Tribunj is famous for donkeys, which are considered a cultural heritage. The marina in the village offers a variety of services, and is recognizable by its gorgeous main building.

Sponge Diving on Krapanj


Krapanj is the smallest and lowest among the inhabited islands in the Croatian Adriatic. It has a long tradition of sponge diving. At one point in history, more than 1500 people lived on this island, which also made it the most densely populated island in the Adriatic. It is situated close to Šibenik, which means that it is easy to reach.

An Inland Marina – ACI Marina Skradin

Town of Skradin on Krka river, Dalmatia, Croatia

ACI Marina Skradin is a unique marina in Croatia. It does not lie directly in the Adriatic, but is situated deep in the mainland, on the river Krka. The marina is surrounded by a spectacular canyon which leads further into Krka National Park, a wonder of nature that simply has to be visited.

D-Marin Mandalina – Marina with a Five Stars Hotel in Its Backyard

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Located not far from the historical core of Šibenik town, in a naturally sheltered Mandalina peninsula, the D-Marina Mandalina provides refit, maintenance and all kinds of technical support for yachts. It is the most popular starting point for sailing the Adriatic.

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