Comino island, Malta

A Mediterranean Cruise for a Facebook Fan

One of our Facebook friends had an interesting question: he was wondering if someone could help him plan the best sailing route for a Mediterranean cruise with six of his friends. They are looking for good food, adventure and wonderful places to explore on a 6 year old Bavaria 46. Our skipper suggested an interesting sailing route. We bring you his answer.

Argolic Gulf – Where Myths Meet Reality

The Argolic Gulf is located off the east cost of the Peloponnese. It is popular among yachtsmen because it offers beautiful islands to explore, rich history and numerous bars and taverns. You can get a combination of mythology, art, history, fun and sailing. Some of the most popular sites in the Argolic gulf are the island of Hydra and the town of Nafplio.

Corfu Sailing Club Restaurant

Corfu Sailing Club Restaurant offers you a chance to enjoy fresh air, the sound and scent of the sea and a view of the amazing deep blue ocean while tasting Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. The Club is decorated in a true sailing style. Corfu Sailing Greek Club Restaurant has colorful and nicely decorated dishes and some of the best wine in Greece.

Discovering the West Coast of Greece: Preveza

Preveza is a town situated on the west coast of Greece. A popular tourist destination for European visitors, it also serves as a transit point to the neighboring islands, giving the town a lively atmosphere. Preveza retains its original charm and offers numerous sights to explore. In recent years, it is getting a lead role in the world of yacht chartering.

Saronic Gulf – Combining Myth and Reality

The Saronic Gulf, located in the Aegean Sea, is a sailing paradise. Summer sailing in the Saronic Gulf is characterized by meltemi, northerly summer winds. The gulf consist of various islands: Salamis, Aegina, Poros, Patroklou and Fleves. Greece, and especially the Saronic Gulf, attracts thousands of visitors with its rich history and beautiful nature.